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by Paulina Gugala

10 Fun Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Wedding on the Henkaa blog!

Kids can be a tricky bunch to take care of when it comes to finding fun activities for your wedding guests. Depending on the age and amount of children that will be attending, there are a few options that will not only keep them entertained, but will allow for the adults to have a bit of fun without worrying about what the kids are doing. Here are a few fun and unique ideas to entertain kids at a wedding!

1. Hire a Babysitter

If you know there will be a good handful of children attending your wedding, we highly recommend hiring a babysitter to look after them throughout the night. By doing so, you and the other adults can have some peace of mind while you get down on the floor. The babysitter can manage the kiddies’ activities and take care of them throughout the night. That way you and your guests can focus on having a good time, and so can the kids!

2. Set Up a Kids Only Movie Tent

Set up a whimsical looking tent with a sign that reads “kids only” so that the little ones feel a little more exclusive. Inside, they can relax and play while watching some of their favorite movies. Make sure to have a few movies picked out beforehand so that they have a few options to pick. That was you won’t have to run back and forth looking for more flicks while entertaining your guests!

3. Let Them Go Crazy with Crayons

Forget regular table covers, lay down butcher paper at the kids table and give them a bucket full of crayons. They’ll be so busy creating their masterpieces that they won’t even realize how fast the time flies by! Draw out some simple pictures with a black crayon and leave it to them to fill them in with color. They’ll love it!

4. Hire a Professional

What better way to entertain the children at your wedding than to hire a professional entertainer? Magicians, clowns, face painters, and balloon twisters are wonderful choices, and they’ll also be a wonderful surprise for the kids when they find out about the special guest that will be spending the night with them!

5. Hand Out Huge Sticks of Chalk

If there are any concrete walkways available at your wedding venue, give the kids some chalk to draw and play outside. It’s a great way to let the kids have fun and provides a simple clean up since it will easily wash away with the rain.

6. Designate a “Teenager Table”

Even though they’re not as disruptive as younger children, it’s nice to give teenagers their own space to spend time together and just hang out. Make a faux-cocktail station and provide them with some magazines to leaf through while they chat among each other.

7. Order Some Custom Made Coloring Books

If it’s in your budget, order some custom made coloring books for the kids to color in. The kids will have a blast decorating their own wedding cake and it’ll keep them busy for hours!

8. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? I secretly wish my friends would plan an adult treasure hunt for me sometimes. Plant some surprises around your wedding venue and give the children a map with clues to find them. It’ll be so fun they’ll forget that they’re even at a wedding!

9. Hook Up a Video Game Console

Set up a multiplayer video game such as Guitar Hero or Nintendo Wii so that all the kids can play games together. Who knows? Maybe some of the adults will come over and try their hand at Wii Tennis and end up dueling some of the kids. Let the games begin!

10. Rent a Bouncy Castle

Now, I know I already mentioned this option in my other post about planning an insanely fun wedding, but seriously, having a bouncy castle at a wedding is one of the best ideas ever! Who wouldn’t love to spend hours hopping around in one of these honking things? The kids will absolutely love it, and trust me when I say, it will seriously tire them out. Not only will they have the time of their lives at the party, they’ll sleep like babies, too. Double win!

And there you have 10 super fun ideas to entertain kids at a wedding. Got any ideas you didn’t see on our list? Share them with us, we love hearing new ideas! Don’t forget to follow our bridal checklist to make sure you’re staying on top of your wedding planning game!

Paulina Gugala
Paulina Gugala

Digital Marketer by day, professional Netflix surfer by night, you can find Paulina either scouring the web for the latest news and trends, or sharing cute photos of her 15-year old pup with all of her coworkers.

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