Halloween Costume - Marilyn Monroe

Here at Henkaa, one of our company’s core values is to be creative, open minded and have fun! This makes Halloween an exciting time for all of us, as we all try to think of new ways to wear our Sakura Dresses to emulate our favorite fictional characters, pop culture icons and inanimate objects! While this dress is the perfect bridesmaids dress, travel companion and work to weekend wardrobe staple, we want to share just how FUN it really is. Join us as we transform our convertible dresses into the most unique outfits yet:

The Costume: Marilyn Monroe
What you’ll need:
Sakura Pure Ivory Midi Convertible Dress
A Blonde Wig
Red Lipstick

Legendary actress, singer and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognizable figures in pop culture. As she stood over the subway grates and her white dress blew up, she created on of the most iconic images in the 21st century! Her dress is so recognizable that one of our wrap styles is actually named after her.  So wrap a Sakura Pure Ivory Midi Convertible Dress in the Marilyn Style, throw on a bombshelle blonde wig, red lipstick… and make sure to get caught in some windy moments!

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