Here at Henkaa, one of our company’s core values is to be creative, open minded and have fun! This makes Halloween an exciting time for all of us, as we all try to think of new ways to wear our Sakura Dresses to emulate our favorite fictional characters, pop culture icons and inanimate objects! While this dress is the perfect bridesmaids dress, travel companion and work to weekend wardrobe staple, we want to share just how FUN it really is. Join us as we transform our convertible dresses into the most unique outfits yet:

The Costume: The Statue of Liberty
What you’ll need:
Sakura Turquoise Teal Maxi Convertible Dress
Turquoise Teal Convertible Sash
DIY Liberty Crown
DIY Torch
A Book

The Statue of Liberty, the gorgeous sculpture representing freedom and welcoming immigrants, is an iconic lady that is instantly recognizable. Standing tall on Liberty Island in New York with her torch, spiked crown and drapey dress, you’re sure to be recognized in a costume inspired by her! Simply wear a Sakura Turquoise Teal Maxi Convertible Dress in the Victoria Style and then tie a Turquoise Teal Convertible Sash like a sling around your shoulder for an extra piece of draped fabric. Find a DIY printout for a Liberty Crown here, make a torch from some construction paper, hold onto a pretty book and you’re all done!

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