Is it possible to reuse a bridesmaid's dress?

The answer is yes with Henkaa’s convertible, multifunctional dresses.

The old perspective that a bridesmaid dress is worn once and then given away is outdated.

Today's point of view is much more earth-conscious and cost-friendly. And by re-wearing your bridesmaids' dress, you add a beautiful addition to your wardrobe capsule.

When bride Tracey D'Chuna got married, her bridesmaids wore convertible dresses in black and shades of blue for a gorgeous ombré effect.

A year later, Tracey needed to attend a few special events, so she borrowed the dresses from her bridesmaids.

Henkaa family photo Sakura Blue Dress

We loved Tracey’s perspective on re-wearing and wanted to ask her few more questions: Why did you decide to choose Henkaa for your wedding?

"I saw the dresses at a friend's wedding and loved the concept of a dress that would fit different personalities and different bodies, was comfortable, didn't wrinkle, and looked good all day. I also liked the idea of being unconventional, having the bridesmaids wear different colours, and if they were convertible, they could be worn again and not look like the same outfit."

Tracey got married in 2018. When one of her bridesmaids got engaged, she also chose Henkaa and Tracey got to wear the Sakura Dress in Burgundy Wine for her friend’s wedding:

“ I got to wear the dress once virtually at her ceremony in 2020 (I had just given birth the week before and couldn't attend in person) and then again for her reception in 2022.

I regretted not buying a Henkaa dress when all my bridesmaids did, so I was happy to get one eventually for myself.”

With this idea of re-wearing in mind, Tracey also borrowed dresses from her own wedding to wear for more events: “I wore the navy dress at my cousin's wedding in Nov 2019 and then the royal blue one at a friend's wedding a few weeks ago. I didn't have to worry about fitting into a dress, saved a ton of money, and just threw the dress in my suitcase - no ironing needed! 

They were great to re-wear, and I didn't have to worry about what to wear. I will definitely try to borrow the other two at some point in the future.".

Having this peace of mind is what Henkaa is all about!

We love how Tracey made it easy on herself, and instead of stressing about what she would wear, she spent that time with her loved ones.

Henkaa Sakura Blue Dress Wedding Guest Dress

Henkaa helps you stress less with bridesmaids dresses you can re-wear. Our dresses (and tops) adapt to the changing seasons, your changing body, and your style.

The Henkaa dress collection is made from our luxurious Lenaa™ fabric. It’s comfortable and flattering with its soft drape because of the specialized premium knit blend with its four-way stretch. It's practical and elegant.

You can layer it with a cardigan for everyday wear, keep it as a special occasion dress, or even share it with your friends and family like Tracey!

Take a peek at Tracy's dress here!

How have you been able to re-wear your Henkaa dress?

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