Sakura Maxi - Convertible Formal Floor Length Dresses

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Henkaa specializes in versatile women's dresses, perfect for a variety of special occasions. Whether it's weddings, galas, milestone birthdays, or family events, our Sakura convertible dress is the perfect choice. Designed to be worn in multiple styles, this full-length dress effortlessly transitions from a formal dress to a maxi dress, ensuring you look fabulous at every event.

The Sakura dress is not just about style; it's about making a statement with each wear. Impress everyone with a different look at each event, and don't forget to capture the moments.

Ready to turn heads? Order your Sakura convertible dress now and start planning your unique styles for the upcoming year.


  • 2 sizes: fit US dress sizes 0 to 24
  • Machine wash, hang to dry, wrinkle resistant
  • Four-way stretch fabric: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
  • Made in Canada
  • Measurements

    Sakura MaxiSkirt Length
    One Size (US 0-14)
    Plus Size (US 14-24)
    *approximate measurements taken in inches

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    6 Basic Sakura Dress Styles

    Get wrapped up in your imagination and unlock the wonder of styling a Sakura convertible infinity dress!

    Ways to Style

    Back of a Sakura Dress

    Behind the Dress Design


    All Henkaa dresses, tops and other garments are carefully made in Canada by hand in small batches.

    We're committed to producing quality products that are made to last while supporting the local economy.

    Choosing quality over quantity helps divert fashion waste - because you’ll have pieces you'll wear again and again that stand the test of time.

    A photo depicts a person's arm holding a long piece of rose-colored fabric


    Henkaa dresses are made from our luxurious Lenaa™ Signature Fabric, a premium knit blend.

    Its four-way stretch makes it the ultimate in comfort and always flattering with its soft drape.

    Our Lenaa™ fabric is  both practical and elegant - heavyweight, breathable, non-clingy, wrinkle resistant, and machine washable.


    All of our products are made in size ranges fitting up to US dress size 24.

    We have wider, longer straps and fuller skirts to suit more body shapes and sizes than other convertible dresses on the market.

    We test, tweak and refine every detail, and with your feedback, we keep improving them to make sure women from all walks of life feel comfortable in our clothes (and look damn good too)!

    How to Care for your Sakura Dress

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 149 reviews
    Beautiful and versatile

    This dress will be perfect for so many events and will fit beautifully through a bit of weight loss or gain. The material is soft and heavy enough not to be sheer, but still light, flowy and comfortable. I love trying out the different styles.


    Luv it

    Jennifer A.
    Best Dress I Own

    I purchased the Henkaa Sakura dress for my Statue of Liberty Halloween costume. It worked out perfect! The dress is made from a wonderful fabric that gives it gorgeous movement and flow. I seriously felt so glamorous wearing it, I didn’t want to take it off. And it is AMAZING how many configurations you can make with one dress.

    Nicole A.S.

    Nice fabric and awesome service. Quick delivery and quick responses.

    Regine S.
    Great Maternity photoshoot dress!

    I felt so pretty wearing this dress for pictures even though I am not so confident with my 38weeks pregnant self. I will cherish the pics and this dress forever. I like the versatility of it. Thank you!