It's no secret that we're a fan of embracing change at Henkaa. From seasons to life stages, we've designed a number of pieces that are meant to take you through so many scenarios, many starting from a bride's needs. Here are a few of the beautiful reasons why convertible dresses are our favourite way to wear life:

No Alterations, No Size Excluded

From the moment you receive your Henkaa dress, you're able to put it on and style it right away. Our size-flexible pieces are meant to fit your body and adapt to your shape. That means no alterations needed, unless you'd like to adjust the length to suit your preference. Perfect for bridal, pregnancy, and travel - count on us to fit you and your needs.


Styles for your entire group

If you're planning a wedding or outfitting your special interest group such as choirs, Henkaa dresses and convertible styles are the best way to pull a group together visually, but still allow for lots of individual style. Tie each piece into a new creation every time, to create more coverage, different sleeves, and more.


Wear it again, and again

Multi-occasion pieces are our favourite kinds of pieces! Shorten the dress for the summer or an upcoming vacation, or style it in a completely different way for another event. Henkaa dresses can be converted into something for so many future events.


Embrace change, Henkaanistas. 

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.