Image Source: Joel Allegretto

Rustic and muted is a theme of wedding florals past, as the new year brings bright and bold colors to the forefront. Unique arrangements like floral wreaths and asymmetrical bouquets also make the list, altering the classic idea of romance and adding a touch of whimsy to the mix.


Bold Colors

Deep burgundies and vibrant colors like magenta and orange paired with lighter contrasting tones in bouquets will be a highlight this year. This color pop is a huge change from the pastels we’ve been accustomed to and are sure to be a huge hit for weddings this spring.


Foraged Flowers

The classic round bouquet gets a “messy hair, don’t care” update, with florists incorporating more foraged flowers and greenery. This idea is carried over to centrepieces and decor, creating a forest/woodland setting that’s whimsical and airy.


Images courtesy of @pineflora / / Joanne Lam

Floral Wreaths

Fresh floral wreaths are a growing trend, whether they’re being used as backdrop decor or as replacements for bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. This addition makes for a more playful overall look among bridal parties and is a good transition from the floral crown of previous years. Some wreaths also use dry florals and live succulents, which continue to grow after the big day!


Image source: Foraged Floral

Which trend do you hope to see the most this year?