Prom is just around the corner, and it can be intimidating trying to narrow down your dress choices. If you get a prom dress from the mall, you risk having to deal with an unwanted “Who Wore it Better” comparison, and ordering an expensive designer dress to wear once is out of the question.

No matter which personality you are, the Sakura Convertible Dress can transform to suit your body and style, so you can express yourself! The best thing about the dress? You can always change your mind on what style you wear on prom night and then you can wear the dress again and again after.

Check out how 4 different girls wear the exact same dress in 4 different styles, and completely make it their own:

What's your Prom Personality? Classic Femme look with a maxi convertible dress
Classic Femme: You love timeless looks, and old school charm. You aim to dress stylishly without regard for current trends. Femininity and elegance are what you exude on a daily basis. There’s a reason classics never go out of style right?
Get the look: Style the Sakura Magenta Purple Maxi Convertible Dress in an effortless halter like the Freida Style, which is backless! Keep accessories minimal and subtle for a classic vibe.

What's your Prom Personality? Prom Princess look with a maxi convertible dress
Prom Princess: You’ve had a vision of what you would wear to prom since middle school, and your prom pinterest board is brimming with inspiration. This is your chance to live out a fairytale, so a classic prom dress and a bit of sparkle is what you need to look like the princesses in the movies.
Get the look: Wear the Sakura Magenta Purple Maxi Convertible Dress in the Love Style, and layer on a Hana Maxi Chiffon Overlay in Lavender Purple for a color blocked look. Finally, pin on a Teardrop Brooch for that extra bit of bling.

What's your Prom Personality? Edgy Rebelle look with a maxi convertible dress
Edgy Rebelle: You might be anti-prom, but it’s still a great party to say bye to your high school days. On the regular, you have a rebellious spirit so you try to push the limits of the dress code as far as you can. You break the rules and show your personality with unexpected accessories that show that you don’t care to conform.
Get the look: Style the Sakura Magenta Purple Maxi Convertible Dress with your own separates. Wear a lacy bralette and style the dress in the Lea Style and don’t forget the leather jacket!

What's your Prom Personality? Glam Gal look with a maxi convertible dress
Glam Gal: You’re always inspired by fashion magazines, runway looks, and celebrities; it’s all about glamour for you. Events are about dressing to the nines and every event is your red carpet moment!
Get the look: Style the Sakura Magenta Purple Maxi Convertible Dress in a very high fashion Necklace Style. By feeding the dress through a necklace, you add a gorgeous metallic collar to your look!

The best thing about choosing a Sakura Convertible Dress is that it’s a one-sized dress that you can share with your friends and wear again in the future! Which Prom Personality best suits you?