This wedding Wednesday, I wanted to do something different. I’m going to introduce myself! My name is Sylvia and I’m new here at Henkaa; I’m the one writing blog posts and talking to you on all the social media outlets like facebook and twitter! Before working with Henkaa, I was working as a freelance blogger and fashion designer. I’m a big DIY-er and I’m engaged to be married soon!

Back in 2010, my best friends asked me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. I was honored to be asked to be a part of their big day and knew that they would enlist me to help with a lot of design choices and DIYs. My friend was an easy-going bride and knew that she wanted each of her bridesmaids to be in the same color and fabric but didn’t mind if we each picked completely different dresses for the day. As a bridesmaid, I was thrilled to have a choice in what I would be wearing that day!

After much online research, we chose Henkaa and haven’t looked back since. Here’s why:

one dress, no alterations
When you have bridesmaids, whether there are 2 or 20, it’s tough to get everyone together for multiple fittings and alterations. With Henkaa, there’s one Sakura Convertible Dress that comes in two sizes and three lengths. The bride told us the color she wanted and then asked us to choose between midi and maxi. We ordered them online and there was no need for alterations at all, so we could save our money for more important things… like the bachelorette party!

it arrives at your door, fast
At most shops, you have to wait a few months for your size to be ordered, shipped and altered. Henkaa makes sure to have your order shipped as quickly as possible, so you can have your dresses & start honing your wrapping skills ASAP, because, yes, it does take a little bit of practice. As soon as we received them, we all had a tutorial watching/wrapping session at the brides house so we could decide who would wear which style!

it’s an investment piece
In fashion, “cost per wear” is an important factor in calculating whether an item is a good investment or not. Typically a bridesmaid’s dress isn’t a great investment; you’ll wear it once & then it sits in your closet. With our Henkaa dresses, we were all essentially able to add a classic LBD to our closets that we could wear again and again! The dresses are made in North America with a silky smooth fabric that stays wrinkle-free even when you wrap it up into a ball in your carry on– so no need for ironing, which makes it even easier to wear without any prep work in between.

dresses that let you show your personality
Our number one reason for going with Henkaa dresses was the fact that we could each look the same, but completely unique! With every girl being different heights and sizes, we knew it would be hard to find one dress that would suit us all. With convertible dresses, we were able to wear the same color and fabric but wrap our dresses in unique ways to suit each of our bodies and personalities. With the subtle sheen of the fabric and the draped fit of the skirt, we were able to feel comfortable and never self-conscious!

So as a bridesmaid, I picked Henkaa because it would be a dress I would have for life. Now that I work with Henkaa, I’m so excited to not just enjoy wearing my own dress, but to share our new innovations, products and ideas with all of you! I hope that you’ll follow along with the Henkaa journey as we stay with you through yours!

All photos by Tara McMullen