This post was written by Sonia Dong.

Mother's Day is fast approaching and with all that is going on in the world this year, this special day might be quite different than in years past. But just know this - celebrating Mother's Day doesn't always have to be a grand gesture - moms just want to feel appreciated and to know that you care. 

Here are my Top 10 ideas to celebrate mom:

1. Call her

This one is simple and it can, of course, happen at any time - reaching out with a video chat or regular old voice call is always a sweet gesture. If you have siblings, you can also surprise her with a group call or FaceTime / Zoom chat.

2. Write a letter

Nothing beats going old school with a letter or card that's handwritten by you. Tell her three things you appreciate about her or recall a fond memory of your childhood. My kids have written and sent cards in the mail to their grandparents and have also dropped notes in our mailbox for me to find!

3. Send flowers

There are so many gorgeous, local flowers that spring up celebrating Mother's Day, and if you know she likes these, or that it will be something unexpected, go ahead and send them!

4. Make or get her a special gift

Alternatively, or in addition to flowers, get or make her something special. Self-care for moms is so needed, whether we're in lockdown or not! Give her a little spa kit, tea set or something else you know she'll enjoy and says that she deserves the "me time". 

5. Get a gift card to celebrate Mother's Day

She can't go into a store or get a massage right now, but you can get her a gift card she can use when things open up and it's safe to go out again. Gift cards don't expire and it's a wonderful way to support local businesses right now too!

6. Cook breakfast or hold an afternoon tea

If you're at home, wake up early with the kids and cook her breakfast! Or set up a cute afternoon tea with little cups, saucers and finger foods. Don't forget to clean up afterwards - she'll really appreciate it!

7. Have brunch

I love going to brunch or dim sum for Mother's Day - there's just something extra special about it because the weather's (usually) a bit warmer, you can pull out a dress to wear and take some memorable photos. During isolation, or if you don't live in the same city as your mom, you can find a local restaurant that delivers, send her a delicious meal and hop on a video chat to eat along with her! 

8. Give her some space

Trust me on this - any time without a child calling "mom" for more than a half an hour is golden. if you're a spouse, plan to occupy the kids for an hour or more so she can do something by herself, whether that's going on a socially-distanced walk, taking a luxurious bubble bath, binging the latest and greatest Netflix show or taking a nap (sleep is always needed)!

9. Take some pictures

Can't get a photographer to take your family photos right now? Why not book it in for a few months from now so she has something to look forward to? Then let our Mother's Day outfit ideas inspire you and snap some selfies too!

10. Make a surprise visit

If you're able to, you can drive to her home so she can see you. You can even combine a few of the ideas above to bring her food, flowers or a gift. It's not ideal during the pandemic, but if it's possible to stay a safe distance away, you can still see her, blow kisses and send her what my daughter likes to call the "air hug".


    So, how will you celebrate this Mother's Day to make it special? Do any of the ideas resonate with you, or do you have an amazing idea you can share? 

    Every moment is beautiful, and every day is a gift. Let's make this Mother's Day one to remember. Have fun with this special day, and have fun with mom. 

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