With wedding season in full swing and prom and grad happening as well, the ladies aren’t the only ones who need to get dressed to the nines! We’ve got a tutorial today for the gentlemen so that they can take their style to the next level too.

Read on for the pictorial below & some instructions on how to get the look:

trinity knot - matching tie - purple tie - matching pocket tie

1. Start with the tie around the neck & the wider end at the desired length (the point should sit at the mid point of the belt buckle). This style will only require wrapping the thinner end of the tie. Cross it over top of the wider end.
2. Bring the thin end under and back over the wide end.
3. Wrap the thin end under the entire tie
4. Then bring it upwards and under the knot
5. Wrap over the front of the knot and up around the back
6. Pull the thin end up through the back…
7. and then thread it through the front piece of the knot.
8. wrap this piece to the opposite side along the back
9. and thread the final piece through the top part of the knot.
10. With a few adjustments and a bit of practice; there’s the Trinity Knot!

To get the entire look, learn how to fold the staircase pocket square here.

Grab the Plum Purple Tie and Pocket Square Set here!