You are probably already familiar with capsule wardrobes if you are into minimalism. From project 333 to Caroline from Un-fancy, capsule wardrobes continue to gain momentum. The concept of capsule wardrobe is straightforward. You need to choose a number of your wardrobe staples that you would love to wear for a period of time. Why I decided to start the capsule wardrobe project? I would like to know what to wear every morning when I wake up and feel good about myself everyday. Another reason is that I would like to save time getting dressed and devote my energy to more important things. Seriously, I do not need that many clothes in my wardrobe.
When I first heard Henkaa’s 15×30 capsule wardrobe challenge, I knew I would like to join this interesting challenge. I was excited to build my first capsule wardrobe and declutter my mind. Do you want to know how I survived 30 days with only 15 items? Scroll down to find out.
My Capsule Wardrobe contents:
3 tops: Tshirt, button-up shirt, cami
3 bottoms: white jeans, distressed jeans, wide leg pants
3 layering jackets: denim jacket, vegan biker jacket, white blazer
3 shoes: white sneakers, lace-up heels, flats
1 bandana scarf
The key is that the items can work together to meet my everyday clothing needs. My goal is to mix and match the pieces in my capsule wardrobe so that I can easily dress up or down. I really like the convertible dresses as they are very versatile. You can wear the Sakura Mini Convertible Dress as a top, a dress, and a skirt. Also, the Ivy Midi Convertible Dress is perfect for travelling and you can wear it in so many different ways while on the go.
My Capsule Wardrobe Outfits:
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