Steal Her Style: Taylor Swift

After Taylor Swift walked down the red carpet of the Fragrance Foundation Awards in her angelic white dress, we had multiple people asking us to recreate the look! We gave it a shot and think that this look is great for brides or could work as an elegant evening look in other colors too! Follow along with the steps below:

how to get taylor swift's look - taylor swift white dress

What you’ll need:
– A Sakura Pure Ivory Maxi Convertible Dress
– A Hana Pure Ivory Chiffon Overlay

1. Start with your convertible dress on. Take the chiffon overlay and slip it on under the dress. Pull the chiffon layer over your bust & turn the convertible dress so that the straps are at the back and coming forward over your shoulders.
2. Cross the straps over each other at your back…
3. and then twist each strap tightly.
4. At the front, cross each of the straps across your bust.
5. Bring the straps back around your waist to your lower back and then back around to the front
6. Wrap around the waist again
7. and then tie in a secure double knot at the lower back
8. Make minor adjustments with the straps & you’re done!

If you’re not comfortable with a large cutout, try it with a bandeau underneath. Body tape is essential for this style to secure the straps in place! Would you wear a classy cutout look like Taylor Swift?

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.