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the one week challenge

by Sylvia Wong

While our closets may be packed to the brim with clothes, there will always be a day where we think “I have NOTHING to wear!” Fashion just moves too quickly and not everyone has a huge budget for clothes. The trick to overcoming this slump is to make the most of the existing pieces in your wardrobe… How? Make sure the basis of your wardrobe is a mix of basics and classic convertible pieces!

Online, hundreds of bloggers have participated in a 30×30 remix challenge or similar challenges that ask you to x number of clothing items and wear ONLY those items for x number of days. The goal during these challenges were to push you to do more with less & get creative in the process! Below, we’ve picked only 5 items & styled an entire week worth of outfits!

Sakura Charcoal Grey Midi Convertible Dress
Plum Purple Infinity Scarf
– Black Blazer
– White Tshirt
– Black Skinny Jeans

Read on to see how we did:

fashion challenge - one week five items - infinity scarf - convertible dress - light packing

Here were our rules:
– Pick an easy to mix & match color palette
– Use only a mix of basics and convertible pieces
– Accessorize with any purses, shoes or jewelry!

We kept it easy on Monday with Kara wearing a Sakura Convertible Dress in a Sandy Skirt Style over an everyday white tee. The infinity scarf is worn twisted around the neck to add a pop of color!

Tuesday’s comfortable with skinny jeans & flats and the  Sakura Convertible Dress worn in the Kylie style with the straps pulled down to cover the bust. Add a bag that means business & you’re ready to go!

Wednesday’s a great day for heading to work with the  Sakura Convertible Dress worn in the Love style with a structured blazer over top & some pretty heels

On Thursday, a white tee and skinny jeans gets a makeover with the  infinity scarf worn as a shawl. A belt was added to make the scarf look more polished and a statement bag finishes off the look!

Friday’s outfit is ready for the office & a possible night on the town! A simple white tee worn with the Sakura Convertible Dress gets topped off with a blazer for a polished look. The dress is worn as a skirt but this time in a pretty tulip wrapped style that gives a slim pencil silhouette. With the blazer, work it in the office & sling it over your shoulder for those after-work drinks!

Saturday’s a good a day as any to go out! The  Sakura Convertible Dress is worn in the Lily style with a Peacock Diamond Brooch to accent the neckline. The  infinity scarf is draped around the shoulders to stay warm & a long pleated clutch finishes up the look.

Last but not least, Sunday’s an easy day for flats and skinny jeans! The  Sakura Convertible Dress is worn in a reverse Love style with the front part of the skirt tuck up for a high-low hem look. A little Lace Clutch helps for carrying around just the necessities & that’s the end of the week already!

What do you think about fashion challenges? Do you think you could make unique outfits for a full week with only 5 pieces of clothing?

 By: Sylvia Wong,  G+

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Sylvia Wong
Sylvia Wong

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