After Angelina Jolie’s big announcement about her preventive mastectomy, she made her first public appearance at the premiere of World War Z. Being her first appearance after such a huge announcement, all eyes were on her as she graced us all in a gorgeous Saint Laurent dress. While simple and demure, the subtle cutout added a pretty detail that made her look unique. We loved her look so much, we decided to recreate it with some Henkaa pieces. Read on for the tutorial below:

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What you’ll need:
– A Sakura Night Black Maxi Convertible Dress
– A Hana Night Black Maxi Chiffon Overlay (worn under the dress)
– A Convertible Sash in Night Black

1. Start with the chiffon overlay worn over your bust and the convertible dress layered over it.
2. Take the convertible Sash and tie it loosely around your neck in a secure double knot.
3. Turn the convertible dress around so that the straps are at your back.
4. Wrap the straps to your front and thread them through the sash at your neck.
5. Wrap the straps down and over your bust. Bring them to the back and around your waist.
6. Wrap the straps around your waist.
7. Finally, secure the straps at the back with a double knot!

What do you think of this cutout style? Would you try it out?


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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.