A few months back, when Joanna was about 8 months pregnant, she posed for a few shots in her favourite Henkaa dresses.

The amazing thing about Henkaa Sakura Convertible dresses is that they truly are a one size garment that will fit you through the different stages in your life. Here’s Joanna looking radiant in the Sakura Plum Purple Mini Convertible Dress.

maternity wear - infinite styles - plum purple maternity dress

And below, before her pregnancy, she modeled the Sakura Plum Purple Maxi Convertible Dress tied in the same Mona wrap style. The amazing thing is that both dresses are the same size! How’s that for a versatile dress? Click on the image below to learn how to wrap this style:

plum purple maxi dress - purple gown - convertible gown

What do you think about wearing comfy convertible dresses throughout a pregnancy?

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