Whether you’re getting all dressed up for a wedding, prom or a special date night out, sometimes it’s those little touches to your outfit that make you really stand out. Subtle color matching with your guy looks fabulous and when his pocket square and tie art artfully styled, he can showcase his sartorial expertise!

Today we’re showing you how to do a staircase fold with a pocketsquare:

how to fold a staircase pocket square - staircase pocket square - emerald green pocket square

1. Start with a pocket square laid flat
2. Bring the bottom corner up so that the square is  folded in half
3. Fold the top portion downwards, leaving about a half inch folded up still
4. fold the same flap up almost as if you’re making an accordion fold
5. bring the flap down again
6. and then up! Press gently with an iron if you want a clean pressed edge.
7. Fold the entire square in half along the center
8. then bring the corners inwards and tuck into the breast pocket.

The Henkaa collection now carries matching ties and pocket squares so that you can easily match the perfect color to a Sakura Dress! Check out the Tie and pocket square collection now!


emerald green infinity dress with matching tie and pocket tie

Above: the Sakura Convertible Dress and the tie and pocket square set, both in Emerald Green.

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