Continuing with our pocket square folding how-to’s, we’ve got a basic winged puff fold to show you today! 

how to fold a pocket square - how to fold a winged puff pocket square

1. Start with a pocket square laid out flat
2. Fold the square in half along the diagonal, creating a triangle
3. Bring the left corner down towards the bottom corner
4. Bring the right corner down the same way
5. Fold the two side corners under and then tuck into the pocket!

The Henkaa collection now carries matching ties and pocket squares so that you can easily match the perfect color to a Sakura Dress! Check out the Tie and pocket square collection now!

 matching coral tie and pocket square

Above: the Sakura Convertible Dress and the tie and pocket square set, both in Peach Pink Coral.

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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.