It’s easy to wrap new styles with a convertible dress, and with gorgeous add-ons like chiffon overlays, it’s even easier to totally transform your look! With bold printed chiffons in multicolors that match numerous pieces in the Henkaa collection; it’s not hard to transform your dress into a summer travel staple!


chiffon overlay - how to use chiffon overlay with convertible dress - royal blue infinity dress - sakura dress



You’ll need:
– a Sakura Periwinkle Blue Midi Convertible Dress
– a Hana Femme Floral Midi Chiffon Overlay

1. Start with a convertible dress worn forwards. I am wearing a Sakura Periwinkle Blue Midi Convertible Dress.
2. Next, layer on a Printed Chiffon Overlay. I’m wearing the Hana Femme Floral Midi Chiffon Overlay.
3.  With the straps over your shoulders, tie a single knot at the base of your neck.
4. Then with the straps hanging down, tie another single knot at your bra line.
5. Bring the straps around your waist and crossover
6. Then tie into a bow at the back!


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