This blog was originally written by Madeleine Villa. 

Planning your wedding? Look no further, we have scoured the internet, listened to our customers and used our decades’ worth of wedding knowledge to create the definitive 2020 wedding trend guide. In one sentence, bold is back baby!

In 2019 we continued to see neutral weddings filled with lush greenery and soft hues, the new decade makes a statement - colours are bolder, textures richer, and experiences grander. Plus, brides are more socially aware than ever and they want their big day to reflect their values, too.

We’re excited to share these 2020 wedding trends with you - let us know what you think!

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Sustainable Weddings

2019 was all about the environment, we saw a huge shift in people's perspectives surrounding global warming and started to see real change happen. Think about the global ban on straws, with many leaders around the world putting plans in place to rid of single-use plastics.

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Henkaa Dusty Rose and Burgundy Wine Sakura Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses and Sakura Lace Convertible Wedding Dress perfect for 2020 weddings.

Last year was the year that the masses agreed our world is in dire need of some TLC, and Millennials are determined to do their part on their big day, too. In 2020, wedding trends such as pop-up ceremonies are bound to become more and more popular among couples ready to tie the knot. Pop-up weddings offer millennials an alternative to traditional weddings, as well as the chance to make a positive social impact through donations to selected charities. 

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Henkaa Burgundy Wine Sakura Maxi and Ivy Maxi and Sakura Lace Wedding Dress, sustainable and ethical dresses made in Canada, bridesmaid dresses you can wear again.

Another wedding trend that couples are embracing in 2020 is the green makeover. They are altering their weddings by opting for vegetarian and vegan alternatives and ditching single-use plastics like straws, cutlery and the like. Along with saying adieu to plastic, more people are sourcing decor and furniture secondhand from the thrift store and re-selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace. Many people are even purchasing items they can use after their wedding often as home decor - talk about resourcefulness. 

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Henkaa Dusty Rose Sakura Maxi Convertible Dresses on 3 models, bridesmaid dresses you can wear again, a sustainable option.

Another wasteful part of weddings is the outfits themselves! Both wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses often never get worn again before they are ultimately donated. Brides and bridesmaids have always loved Henkaa Convertible Dresses because they can be worn in over 60 different ways, and are size flexible which means people can get years and years out of one dress.

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Vibrant Pastels, Neo-Mint

Colour trend forecasters have deemed Neo-Mint the colour to watch in 2020. As the name implies, this hue has gotten a neon upgrade which is both refreshing and energetic. So long are the days of simple pastels, try a neo-hue of your favourite soft tone to stay on trend this year.

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Neo Mint Henkaa Convertible Dresses 2020 colour of the year, is vibrant, energetic and fresh, perfect for 2020 weddings

Sustainability and environmental awareness are recurring themes whenever we speak about wedding trends for 2020. According to trend forecasting company WGSN, the rise of neo mint symbolizes the return the reconciliation between technology and nature.

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It’s all in the Details

Sure, simple silhouettes are timeless and elegant, but 2020 is the year of more. Bridal dresses are taking a more off-the-runway vibe with a blend of rich fabrics like tulle, lace, and satin. Inspired by Princess Diana’s iconic style, puff sleeves are one of the hottest wedding dress trends this year.

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Henkaa Iris Lace Convertible Dress perfect for Fall/Winter 2020 weddings.

Bridesmaid style has also shifted from the rigid one colour, one dress look of the past. Brides are now looking for multicoloured, patterned and different dresses to outfit their bridesmaids. Comfort is key and brides want their party to love their look.

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Henkaa Ivy and Sakura convertible bridesmaid dresses in Navy Blue and Hunter Green Bride is wearing the Sakura Lace Convertible Wedding Dress.

If you’re hesitant to commit to any one outfit, you may want to consider a multiway dress which you can style in endless ways until you’ve found your perfect match. 

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Bold is Back, 80’s Revival

We hope you like puffy sleeves, vibrant pastels and retro wave colours because guess what? The 80’s are back and better than ever. Not sure what retro wave colours are? Think of these as bold tertiary tones like Plum Purple, Raspberry Pink and Muted Gold

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Henkaa Plum Purple Convertible Dresses and the Iris Chiffon Convertible Wedding Dress, 80's revival for 2020 weddings

Weddings in 2020 will be made up of many complementary colours versus the standard singular colour theme. You can expect spray painted florals, vibrant lighting and larger than life hair and makeup.

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Bonus 2020 Wedding Trend: Micro-Weddings & Unique Destinations

One of the biggest shifts in weddings over the decade is actually in size, more partners are opting for small and intimate weddings with only their closest friends and family instead of large functions, naturally, that has also meant a huge shift in venues, from large banquet halls to small bars or cottages. With fewer heads to feed and spots to fill, more money is being spent on the quality of the food, drink and decor.

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Kaitlin and Stephanie’s Gastown wedding in New York, held at an intimate bar. bridesmaids are in Tender Taupe Sakura Midi Dresses

We will also continue to see a shift into experience packed weddings, many brides and grooms are skipping the wedding favours instead providing more engaging activities at the wedding such as photo booths, self-service bars, marijuana bars, tarot readings, late-night food, and entertainers.

2020 Wedding Trend Report: Weddings in 2020 will include for events and activities like live paintin, self service bars, and DIY stations!

Weddings are turning into mini-events with a greater social impact. 2020 is all about celebrating love loudly and proudly!

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