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Jacqueline and Ayad tied the knot one sunny day in July of 2017, they had a stunning jewel-tone themed wedding featuring Henkaa's Turquoise Teal, Navy Blue and Plum Purple. Check out how their big day came together!

Tell us a little about the two of you?

Jacqueline Sbeyti and Ayad Sbeyti share a kiss at the waterfront after they got married.

Where do I start?! We’ve known each other for 11 years, and have been together for almost 9. He and I met at university while on the First Response Team. We were friends for quite a while, and it took him moving two provinces away for us to realize there was something more.  

I work in education and he’s in law enforcement - life together has been an incredible journey, and we continue to grow and support each other no matter where life takes us and we just moved to a remote town near James Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Who proposed, can you describe the moment?

Jacquline Sbeyti poses for her wedding portraits showing off her rings.

Oh my goodness; he proposed. What a schemer! We had won a photo shoot from a local photographer, and little did I know that he’d propose that day. In the middle of the photo shoot, the photographer gave me instructions to turn away from him, and when I turned around… there he was, looking up at me with this MASSIVE smile. 

Honestly, time stopped when I saw Ayad down on one knee holding a ring up. He had to ask me a couple of times to answer, actually - apparently I was just standing there in shock!

I’ll remember that moment forever: his grin when I said yes & the kiss we shared immediately afterwards.

Could you describe your day and how it all came together?

Jacqueline Sbeyti gets her dress donw up by her bridesmaids who are wearing Henkaa Sakura Convertible Dresses in Plum Purple, Navy Blue and Turquoise Teal.

Oh goodness. The day came together really well - I remember someone asking me why I left so much time between ‘stages’ of getting ready… and it’s because I know nothing ever goes as planned so I wanted to leave a bit of wiggle room. It worked because the bridal party was early to the location, and I was able to have some time with my girls before the wedding.

Jacqueline Sbeyti and Ayad Sbeyti share a kiss outside their wedding venue.

Like most weddings, we had our hiccups - but in the end, no one knew except us. Everyone had a great time! 

Can you recall your favourite moment or most memorable detail?

Jacqueline Sbeyti and Ayad Sbeyti lead the wedding party across the street during their wedding portraits.

One of my favourite moments was dessert - we had an ice cream truck at the wedding! Eating a banana-split on the curb with my bridesmaids was so much fun. 

Why did you choose Henkaa Convertible Dresses for your bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids pose wearing Henkaa Sakura Convertible Maxi Dresses in the colours Turquoise Teal, Plum Purple and Navy Blue.

The colour scheme for the wedding was all about jewel tones complemented with lush greens, gold, and of course glitter. Ayad is Lebanese, so I wanted to play off of that a bit. Different coloured dresses for the girls was a must for me, but I wanted them to look uniform somehow - enter Henkaa. 

Jacqueline Sbeyti gets kissed on the cheeks by her bridesmaids who are wearing Henkaa Sakura Maxi Dresses in Plum Purple, Navy Blue, and Turquoise Teal.

I knew I wanted something timeless and comfortable for the girls to wear, but also something they’d all be confident in wearing. Two of my bridesmaids were new moms at the time, and it was important to me that each of my ride-or-die ladies felt incredible. They did! 

Ayad Sbeyti poses with the bridesmaids who are wear Henkaa Sakura Convertible Maxi Dresses in the colours Plum Purple, Navy Blue and Turquoise Teal.

I know everyone says they choose dresses everyone will wear again, and Henkaa truly delivers here. It’s like the sisterhood of the travelling dress! Since the wedding, each of these dresses has served another purpose. 

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