Welcome to the final installment of our bridal beauty mini-series featuring Stephanie Daga of Blush Pretty! If you’re just joining us now, I highly recommend going back and reading the first 3 installments of the series. Stephanie has put together some amazing tips for us and I’m excited to have her here on the blog!

In the today’s final installment, Stephanie will be telling us all about the best wedding day makeup looks for each of the most popular wedding themes. Check it out!

The best wedding day makeup looks for every wedding day theme!

All brides carry an underlying inspirational theme throughout planning their wedding day. Even if it’s not immediately apparent, they’re always gathering bits of inspiration to give them ideas or subconsciously copying it directly from Pinterest. The great thing about themes is that you don’t have to follow it down to each and every itty-bitty detail! You can use it as inspiration and add the finer details that will make your wedding day special to you.

We love a good wedding theme at BlushPretty, and understanding a bride’s theme can help us make the right decisions on eye shadow colour, lip colour formulation (stain? gloss? cream?), and the amount of bronzer needed.

Here are our favourite makeup looks for our three most favourite wedding day themes!

1: Rustic Farm Wedding + a Fresh-Faced Bronzy Glow

The best wedding day makeup looks for every wedding day theme!

Rustic weddings often have a natural and earthy feel to them. Brides often choose a wedding backdrop that features nature’s best qualities: greenery, flowers, and woodwork. When a bride chooses this theme, the makeup look is often focused around sun-kissed skin and berry tone lips. Foundation and concealer coverage is sheer but flawless with a slight bronze to create the perfect “natural” look.

The eyes are left lightly shaded in earthy tones and a hint of shimmer, and amped up with a lush lash line rather than a heavy smokey eye or thick liner. The key to this look is a more mono-chromatic harmony between cheeks and lips. Berry keys are best, and a matte or stain like finish completes the look perfectly.

2: Hollywood Glamour Reception + a Statement Lip

The best wedding day makeup looks for every wedding day theme!

The glam ceremony and reception usually involves the most formal of attire and signature cocktails for the bride and groom. The evening screams red carpet affair, so naturally, the bride will need an Oscar-worthy look to match! Nothing voices timeless glamour more than a statement lip. Red is often the colour of choice, but brides can pick and choose from the classic swatch of reds and go for something more bordeaux or wine in depth.

That said, you definitely shouldn’t be scared of trying other bold statement worthy shades like brighter pops of pink and fuschia. Pair this with well blended contouring and well-defined eyes (think mink lashes and a soft smokey eye), and you’re good to go down the red carpet – I mean, aisle!

3: The Traditional Church Wedding + a Demure Flush

The best wedding day makeup looks for every wedding day theme!

Yes – traditional is a theme! It’s the wedding theme that movies are made of, really. A beautiful gown, a long veil, and the same church your parents were married at. It’s the best backdrop for a classic, blushing bride look. Much like the rustic theme, the skin should be sheer and flawless, but instead of bronze, think more blush and soft highlight.

Pops of soft pinks and peaches blended throughout the cheeks will give a healthy glow, while the eyes are defined with shades of champagne, taupe, or even some soft mauve greys. Lips are best done in a traditional cream lipstick formulation in soft shades of pink or rose.

Bonus tip: use highlighter to help bounce light and give a soft, natural glow!

These just happen to be our most common themes amongst our brides, but there are plenty more out there for inspiration (we had a Tim Burton inspired wedding once – the possibilities are truly endless!). Knowing your theme and also how far you want to go with it is a great way to determine the best look for you and the best products to execute it!

Thanks for joining us for the final installment of our beauty mini-series featuring Stephanie Daga from BlushPretty! Don’t forget to check out their website at this link for some awesome makeup tips and tricks and to book a consultation with their amazing team.

What kind of makeup look are you planning for your wedding day theme? Tell us in the comments!