The new year welcomes planning for new life events, excitement, and lots of reasons to gather. To celebrate, we're ecstatic to share a few new shades we're adding to the Henkaa collection. Read on for more color inspiration for 2018, with those you love by your side.



Dusty Rose

A romantic, stunning shade that has already been picked up for a number of summer 2018 weddings - dusty rose is soft with pink hues. Perfect as a light floral shade that complements any wedding theme, available in many convertible, infinite styles.



Light Sky Blue

A soft, dreamy shade - Light Sky Blue is one of several new blue hue additions. If you're searching for "something blue", have your bridesmaids enjoy this flattering and soft color. Mix and match with other blue tones from the Henkaa collection, for a unique and dynamic aesthetic. 


Slate Blue

Our new Slate Blue is a bold choice for those who love vibrant blues. Flattering for so many skin tones, we love this color to make a statement in warm weather.


Olive Green 

Create your own rustic garden motif with the Olive Green color. Our Henkaanistas love this sophisticated and muted green as it's easy to style day to day, and for any special occasion. 


We're in love with Spring/Summer 2018! Book an appointment in our showroom or order a swatch to order your dresses just in time for summer.

 For a look behind the scenes at this fun shoot check out this Video by Amaros Media

Happy planning, Henkaanistas.



Photographer - 11|Eleven 
Hair & Make Up 

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.