Planning a special day has enough decisions that come in tow - from colour schemes to flowers, to big decisions like your wedding dress and your bridesmaids dresses. In what can feel like a never-ending sequence of yeses or noes, the decision on whether to buy or rent your bridesmaids dresses can be another crossroads.

Here are 5 reasons for why buying convertible bridesmaids dresses makes more sense in the long run:


Unlike many dresses on the market, Henkaa dresses can be worn for so many occasions. With our signature Lenaa fabric (soft to the touch, premium lustre material), this dress can be styled for other weddings, parties, maternity, and more. With any Henkaa design from the classic Sakura infinity dress to our other multi-functional dresses, you'll be able to create a new look for any event life throws at you. 


It goes without saying, being able to style your own dress differently every day, for every occasion is a winning feature. Find what flatters you on our tutorials page, and enjoy the many ways to wear this beautiful dress after the main wedding event.

Travel Friendly

Wrinkle resistant and easy to pack, all of our dresses and overlays are travel friendly pieces. In a world of packing hacks and minimalism, buying your bridesmaid dresses with travel in mind (or, if you have a destination wedding) means thinking ahead. Prepare for romantic getaways, beach vacations, work travel, and more.

The Sisterhood

Join the Henkaanista community, and explore all the different styles and tips that our beautiful customers share. We're honored to have such incredibly engaged women who can share their stories.


Last but not least, investing in a staple wardrobe piece means you're creating less waste. Re-styling a classic item in your closet like a Henkaa dress means appreciating and reimagining one quality item, created with care. 

Embrace Change, Henkaanistas.

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik