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Are you in the midst of planning your big day? Choosing a colour or colour palette can be one of the trickiest part of the planning. It affects everything, from your florals to your bridesmaid dresses. Look no further, we guarantee you’ll be saying ‘I Do’ to a Dusty Rose wedding in this perfect hue!

Henkaa launched Dusty Rose in Spring 2018, and in less than a year it has become one of our top sellers. There is really no surprise here - it’s gorgeous!

Henkaa Dusty Rose Wedding Dress

Find out five reasons you should make Dusty Rose your wedding colour! 



    1. Dusty Rose Wedding Dresses Look Amazing On Everyone

  • Bride and her 3 bridesmaids wearing the Henkaa Dusty Rose Wedding Dress
  • Whether you have a warm undertone or cool undertone, Dusty Rose brings out the best in everyone's skin tone, and truly looks amazing on all complexions.

  • Pregnant bridesmaid wearing the Henkaa Dusty Rose Wedding Dress

    The deep-pink hue is richer than our Blush Pink but more vibrant than our Mauve Taupe, making it ideal for bridal parties of all complexions.



    2. A Dusty Rose Wedding Palette Is Timeless

    Bride and her 3 bridesmaids at a Dusty Rose wedding

    Pink hues will always be a go-to when it comes to wedding colours. What is more romantic and playful than pink?!

    Pregnant woman wearing the Henkaa Dusty Rose Infinity Dress

    Dusty Rose, while currently trending, is a colour that won’t date itself too soon. Your photos will look timeless for years to come.



    3. It’s Right On Trend 

  • Bride and her 3 bridesmaid wearing the Henkaa Dusty Rose Infinity Dress
    Besides being a timeless hue, Dusty Rose weddings are also currently right on trend. We have seen an increase in our sales of Dusty Rose wedding dresses over Blush Pink, confirming the trend.
    Snapshots from a Dusty Rose wedding
    Need some proof for yourself? Check out Pinterest, the wedding inspiration tool is full of the rich pink shade.



    4. It's Palette Perfection

  • Bride and wedding attendees wearing Henkaa infinity dresses

    Dusty Rose is stunning on its own in the spotlight, but it also looks great both in a complementary colour palette or a more dramatic colour palette. 

    Henkaa's shades of pink

    For a soft complementary look try pairing Dusty Rose with Neutral Champagne, Blush Pink or Silver Grey.

    Pregnant woman at a Dusty Rose wedding

    For a dramatic contrasting look try it with Hunter Green, Navy Blue or Charcoal Grey.



    5. It's a Seasoned Pro

  • Bride and her 3 bridesmaids wearing Henkaa convertible dresses

    Whether you are having a Spring/Summer Dusty Rose wedding or a Fall/Winter wedding, the colour brings out the best in any season.

    Pregnant woman at a Dusty Rose wedding

    Lush greens and Dusty Rose were made for each other. For a Spring/Summer wedding use warmer tones and vibrant details to mirror the energy of the season.

    A blanket of snow, faux-fur shawls and Dusty Rose is another stunning look. For a Fall/Winter Dusty Rose wedding, pair it with cooler shades like Silver Grey and let the warm pink tone have its moment.

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    Would you use Dusty Rose as your Bridesmaid dress colour? 


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