Henkaa Dusty Rose Wedding Dress

Are you planning your perfect wedding day?


The first thing you need to do is pick your colour palette.


Choosing a color palette can be one of the trickiest parts of the planning process, and it affects everything you do, from your florals and decor to your bridesmaid dresses and their shoes.


Add this to a desire to create a beautiful atmosphere with a romantic feeling while being environmentally friendly with re-wearable bridesmaids dresses. The stress levels can begin to rise.


To combat your stress, we suggest you choose a soft neutral colour, as it is easy to help create a calming and elegant atmosphere while keeping your decor from clashing.


A calm, relaxed wedding day is what we strive for, isn't it?


One of our personal favourite colours is Dusty Rose.



Here are 5 reasons we would choose Dusty Rose as the primary colour in our wedding.



    1. Dusty Rose Wedding Dresses Look Amazing On Everyone

  • Bride and her 3 bridesmaids wearing the Henkaa Dusty Rose Wedding Dress
  • Whether you have a warm or cool skin undertone, Dusty Rose brings out the best in everyone's skin tone and looks fantastic on all complexions while giving the bridesmaids a healthy glow.


    Soft pinks are still on trend, from the Met Gala with Molly Sims and Tessa Thompson to Tinashe at the Grammys. Their soft pink dresses complimented their skin tone and gave a romantic feeling - this colour looks fantastic on everyone!


  • And it shows we still love to feel pretty in pink.

  • Pregnant bridesmaid wearing the Henkaa Dusty Rose Wedding Dress


    We’ve noticed a trend since Henkaa launched Dusty Rose. It has become one of our top sellers, and there is no surprise here - it's gorgeous!


    The deep-pink hue is richer than our Blush Pink but more vibrant than our Mauve Taupe, making it ideal for bridal parties of all complexions.


     2. There's no doubt A Dusty Rose Wedding Palette Is Timeless

    Bride and her 3 bridesmaids at a Dusty Rose wedding

    Pink hues will always be a go-to when it comes to wedding colours, which makes a Dusty Rose bridesmaids dress the perfect addition to your colour palette.

    Pregnant woman wearing the Henkaa Dusty Rose Infinity Dress


    It’s a colour that won't date itself, is stunning in the spotlight, and looks great in a complementary or dramatic colour palette.


    Just look at Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. They show us how timeless a soft pink can be, and she looks stunning in her soft pink dress. Their photos are as beautiful today as they were in 2012 and don't look dated like weddings in the 80s.


    3. Dusty Rose is a colour that can be used with any theme and anytime of the year

  • Bride and her 3 bridesmaid wearing the Henkaa Dusty Rose Infinity Dress
  • Snapshots from a Dusty Rose wedding

  • It's a classic feminine shade used for bridal due to its elegant and subtle hue. It is timeless and elegant with a soft mix of pink and purple hues and is usually associated with affection, love, romance, and happiness. Because of its subtle blue tone from the purple, it adds depth and tranquility.


    Dusty Rose is a perfect year-round staple for your neutral pink palette. It can be right in the mix, from a soft romantic or rustic theme to a deep navy blue theme.


    4. It's a Seasoned Pro

  • Bride and wedding attendees wearing Henkaa infinity dresses

  • In Spring, the colour pairs well with lush greens, then you can add warmer tones like various pink bridesmaid dresses and vibrant details to mirror the energy of the season.

    Henkaa's shades of pink

    In Summer, weddings with Dusty Rose are very versatile and look fantastic on the beach or in a church setting.


    In Fall, pair it with royal colors like Navy Blue, or go the rustic route and pair it with Burgundy Wine or terracotta for that outdoor feeling.


    Pregnant woman at a Dusty Rose wedding


    Dusty Rose bridesmaid dresses are another stunning look in a Winter wedding, with a blanket of snow and faux-fur shawls. Try pairing Dusty Rose with Neutral Champagne, Blush Pink, and Silver Grey for a soft complementary look.


    Alternatively, pair it with Hunter Green, Navy Blue, or Charcoal Grey for a dramatic contrasting look.


    It's Palette Perfection!


    It is also a perfect neutral color if you want to try the mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend!


    5. It is a re-wearable bridesmaid dress colour for your bridesmaids to wear for years to come

  • Bride and her 3 bridesmaids wearing Henkaa convertible dresses

  • Since it complements the bridesmaids skin tone, it can be used year-round. As a neutral colour, your bridesmaids will be able to rewear their dresses for many different occasions.


    With Henkaa’s size-flexible convertible dresses you and your bridesmaids can re-wear and re-mix the dresses into ten or more different outfits. It’s an earth friendly option that is also easy on the budget because you won’t need to keep buying new dresses for every occasion..


    Pregnant woman at a Dusty Rose wedding


    We hope these ideas ease your stress and help you find the perfect colour palette for your wedding theme.


    We would love to know if you used a soft pink or Dusty Rose at your wedding.


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