Uniforms for Choir & Performing Arts Groups

Made in Canada

1% donated

Wear in 10+ ways

Size inclusive

30-day returns

The same dress for all stages

Nursing friendly

1% donated

Made in Canada

30-day returns

From music performance apparel and choir uniforms to theatre companies — our customizable dresses offer flexible sizing and a variety of styling options suitable for your group.

Modern Uniforms

for groups of all sizes

Size flexible dresses are ready-to-wear for all ages and body shapes without complicated measurements and no additional alterations for the bodice.

You'll be performance ready in no time. Our comfortable, wrinkle resistant and machine-washable Lenaa ™ fabric stands up to the rigours of stage shows and tours.

Coordinating ties and bow ties, sashes and scarves provide more options for an inclusive and cohesive look.

Iris Multiway Wrap Dress

Sakura Infinity Dress


Unique Uniformity

Look coordinated while expressing your own style. All of our dresses can be wrapped into more than 10 different necklines to suit each performer or type of performance.

6 Reasons Why Groups Love Henkaa

What are the benefits? Here's a recap!

  • Timeless style
  • Wear the same dress for mutiple events in different styles
  • Stretchy & comfy
  • Save time with a dress you can look and feel good in with a moment's notice
  • Ready-to-wear for all ages and body types
  • Machine washable, wrinkle resistant

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