Dresses are made from our luxurious Lenaa™ fabric, a premium knit blend


Its four way stretch makes it the ultimate in comfort and always flattering with its soft drape. Our Lenaa™ Signature Fabric is both practical and elegant - heavyweight, breathable, non-clingy, wrinkle resistant, and machine washable.

Our products are made in size ranges fitting up to US dress size 2


We test, tweak and refine every detail of our designs, and with your feedback, we keep improving them to make sure women of all shapes and sizes can wear our clothes (and look damn good too)!

All Henkaa garments are carefully crafted by hand in Canada


We're committed to producing quality products that are made to last while supporting the local economy. Choosing quality over quantity helps divert fashion waste - because you’ll have pieces you’ll wear again that stand the test of time.

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Sizing & Fit FAQ

Where can I find your size chart and dress measurements?
You can find our size chart here. For approximate measurements of each dress, please check the product description of the item that you are interested in. Should you have any additional questions or require assistance with choosing the right size for you, please contact our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Care team.
Does Henkaa have a Convertible Dress in Plus Size?
Henkaa's plus size convertible dresses fit individuals sized 14-24. We also believe in equality pricing, which means all dresses of the same design are the same price, regardless of size. For women sized 12 to 14 with a fuller bust and/or waistline, we do recommend that you consider a Plus size since the straps are longer which allows more flexibility with styling options. For style inspiration, have a look at our Henkaa Style Gallery where Henkaanistas show off their unique take on truly making Henkaa Convertible Dresses their own. We highly recommend contacting one of our Authorised Retailers to try on the dress for your perfect fit.
Can your Convertible Dress be worn during maternity?
All of Henkaa's convertible dresses are maternity friendly. The adjustable straps can be worn above the baby bump for an elegant empire waist and the construction of the skirt and flexible sizing allows for your baby bump to grow. Our customers have worn Henkaa convertible dresses before, during and after pregnancy (our dresses are also nursing-friendly). Visit our Maternity & Motherhood gallery to see for yourself.
Do you have a Convertible Dress for children and youth?
The flexible sizing of Henkaa's dresses means that they can be adapted to smaller body frames. The Sakura Convertible Dress, particularly the Mini length, is a great dress for children and petite youth. Fitting adult sizes 0-14, the straps of the dress can be wrapped around a child at the chest and waist for coverage and snugness. The addition of a Convertible Bandeau ensures more coverage as well. Please note that depending on the height of your child, and where you desire the length of the dress to fall, you may also want to consider the Sakura Midi, Sakura Maxi, Iris Midi or Iris Maxi. Our Iris Midi Convertible Dress is very popular for school-aged to high school students. Lastly, body shape will also determine how each dress length drapes on each person's body. The product description on the product pages provide approximate measurements of the garments to help you gauge which length is most suitable for your child.
Am I too tall for the floor-length Maxi dress?
Our Sakura Maxi and Iris Maxi Convertible Dresses are suitable for heights ranging up to 6' (wearing flats). There are unique styles that allow you to adjust the length of the dress and even shorten it with only styling and no alterations. Should you require additional length, you can contact Henkaa Studio which provides more customized length options for Sakura, Iris and Ivy convertible dresses.
Can alterations be done to the hem of your Convertible Dresses?
Henkaa convertible dresses are size-flexible, allowing you to save time from dress fittings because it will change to fit your body. If you need to adjust the length of the dress, you can have it hemmed or trimmed cost-effectively with a trusted seamstress. Sakura and Iris Convertible Dresses have a raw edge and can be easily tailored to your ideal length, with no special machine hemming required — just a straight cut. For Sakura and Iris, we recommend informing your seamstress that these dresses are cut on a bias. If you're interested in hemming your Sakura or Iris at home, check out our blog post: How to Hem a Henkaa Convertible Infinity Dress. Henkaa's Ivy and Calla dresses, as well as our convertible overlays in Hana and Daffodil have sewn hems that can be altered by a seamstress if needed. Please note: Different styling techniques, as well as the type of shoes worn, will affect the length of the dress, so please be sure to keep that in mind before making any alterations.
Can you accommodate specific custom requests?
If you need a longer dress than our standard length or a colour that isn't available in the dress your want, please contact us via Henkaa Studio where we offer customization on our convertible dresses. Only our convertible dresses are available in custom variations. There are no customizing for neckties, bow ties, or jewellery.