Model swishing a Henkaa Sakura Maxi Plus Size in Silver Grey

Special Occassion Convertible Dresses

You don't have time for complicated fittings and alterations, or space in your closet for yet another dress you'll never wear again.

Save time and money, stress less and celebrate more with convertible dresses you can re-wear for all your special moments.


Iris Maxi Dress
$ 228.00 CAD
Plum PurpleBurgundy WineRuby RedRoyal BlueNavy BlueEggplant PurpleCharcoal GreyNight Black+ 5 more
Sakura Maxi Dress
$ 220.00 CAD
Eggplant PurpleBurgundy WineRuby RedDusty RoseMauve TaupeHunter GreenNavy BlueRoyal BlueDusty BlueDusty PurplePlum PurpleNight Black+ 9 more
Ivy Maxi Dress
From $ 99.00 CAD $ 128.00 Sale
Mauve TaupeHunter GreenNavy BlueMagenta PurplePlum PurpleEggplant PurpleTender TaupeNeutral ChampagneBurgundy WineNight Black+ 7 more
Reversible Sakura Maxi Dress
$ 220.00 CAD
Eggplant / VioletIndigo / CobaltTan / Marsala

Get this Look

Our Sakura Maxi + Necklace Bundle pairs our #1 dress with our customer fav necklace for a winning combo.


Daffodil Lace Overlay Dress
$ 207.98 CAD $ 278.00 Sale
Mauve TaupeBurgundy WineNavy BlueNeutral ChampagneNight Black+ 2 more
Daffodil Chiffon Overlay Dress
$ 192.98 CAD $ 258.00 Sale
Plum PurpleBurgundy WineBlush PinkMint GreenPeriwinkle BlueNavy BlueDusty PurpleSilver Grey+ 5 more

Add some sparkle

Dial up the glam with jewellery to create even more looks with your dresses.

Sleek and smooth

Our seamless undergarments were designed with our dresses in mind.

Convertible accesories and styling aids

Bandeau Top
$ 46.00 CAD
Burgundy WineRuby RedMauve TaupeDusty RosePeach Pink CoralHunter GreenTurquoise TealNavy BlueRoyal BlueDusty BlueDusty PurplePlum PurpleEggplant PurpleNeutral ChampagneSilver GreyCharcoal GreyNight Black+ 14 more
From $ 15.98 CAD $ 22.00 Sale
Ruby RedBurgundy WineMauve TaupeBlush PinkDusty RosePeach Pink CoralApricot CoralMint GreenHunter GreenTurquoise TealTiffany BlueLight Sky BlueDusty BlueRoyal BlueNavy BlueEggplant PurplePlum PurpleDusty PurpleNeutral ChampagnePure IvorySilver GreyCharcoal GreyNight Black+ 20 more

Looking for something more casual?

We've got you covered whether it's work, travel or just being out and about. Get something you can wear every day that you can dress up in a pinch.

When you invest in a Henkaa dress, you invest in the future.

We donate 1% of our sales to the Joanna Duong Chang Memorial Foundation to help girls and women reach their fullest potentials.

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