We love connecting with Henkaanistas, in every which way we can! Whether it's through our website, social media, or in person, it's always exciting to see how our convertible style pieces can transform experiences, and lives.

But what if you're not in Toronto (our homebase)? Whether you know someone who owns a store or you happen to be reading this yourself and own one, here are a few reasons why Henkaa would be a beautiful fit for your retail location:


You'll become part of our family

We always support our stockists, no compromises, ever. Providing thorough on-boarding and training, your success is our success. Stay connected with our lovely and nimble team to make a real impact on real women.


Proudly Canadian, Made in Canada

Proudly made in Canada with love, which means faster shipping timelines. Learn more about Henkaa being made in Canada. We'll put you on the map (literally) - our stockist map on our homepage directs customer traffic straight to your store.


Exclusive promotions just for your customers

Approximately 4 out of every 6 customers who try on our dresses fall in love and make a purchase. On top of that, we'll share and support promotions you have in store, so you'll reach more potential Henkaanistas!

Hear it from one of our Retailers

Brooke from Runway Bridal has been such a wonderful partner of ours, we had to share what she had to say about carrying Henkaa:

Q: How has selling Henkaa changed/impacted your bridesmaids sales from when you didn't have Henkaa to now? Did they increase? 
A: Since we have brought Henkaa into our store we have increased our bridesmaids sales by double in the first 6 months and are looking at triple in the first quarter of this year! This collection offers an affordable price point that is different from our other brands, helping us broaden our offering to all groups and price points.

Q: Have you noticed an influx of customers for bridesmaids appointments after signing on with Henkaa? 
A: Yes! With girls looking for an option under $200 and with possibilities for all shapes and sizes in their wedding party. The large colour palette is also a great selling feature for us.

Q: What would you say is the ratio of brides that say "yes" to Henkaa compared to brides that do not? 
A: 60 – 40 (possibly higher!)

Q: Why should a boutique add Henkaa to their bridesmaid collection? 
A: It is a great Canadian made line that rounds out the “traditional” bridesmaids offering. A great addition to any bridal store!


Interested in carrying Henkaa? Reach out to our team at retailers@henkaa.com!

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.