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by Sylvia Wong

At Henkaa, we often have customers who are new to convertible dresses who ask us, “What do we wear under the dress?” The solution? Anything you’re comfortable with! There are enough ways to wrap our signature Sakura dress that you can find a great style that works with any undergarments. Check out the options below:

wear an infinity bra

henkaa-infinitybra With the multitudes of options of styling the straps, sometimes an average bra just won’t do the trick.

Enter, the  Infinity Bra— an adhesive bra with a round center clasp that works for secure coverag, and allows you to style with side less, backless and strapless styles without any undergarments showing. To many, an adhesive bra is a new concept,  but it shouldn’t be intimidating because it works amazingly as a secret styling trick. It sticks firmly and securely for comfortable and seamless wear under convertible dresses. Our newly redesigned Infinity Bras feature a unique swivel clasp that allow the cups to be worn at any angle to suit different body types. The bras now come in fabric finishes in nude and black colors and the classic silicone bra will now be available up to an F cup size!

wear butterfly bra clips


There are many options of wearing that dress that work with a normal double strap bra, like the Victoria,  or Kate with Sleeves styles. With our handy Butterfly Bra Clips, you can make any of your favorite bras into a racer back style and have even more options to choose from, like the  Sonia, or  Nancy Styles. And get really creative with the clips and use them to create a racer front bra so you can try out the  Kylie or Lily Styles.

wear a strapless bra & bandeau

Shannon Gallant - Charcoal Grey 3

A great solution for some extra coverage and the support of a bra, is to wear a strapless bra under a matching bandeau. Since the bandeaus are made from the same signature Lenaa™ fabric in the same gorgeous palette of colors, they’ll match seamlessly with the dress and leave you with the option of wearing any wrap style. Grab some Styling tape to make sure your straps stay put and you’re ready to go!

No matter what you’re most comfortable with, there’s a solution for every body type and level of modesty.
Shop for  Intimates and Essentials to go with your signature Sakura Dresses.

And now, your new favorite underwear have arrived! After hearing “what underwear do I wear under my dress?” one too many times and not having a good enough answer to the question, we ventured to develop our own. So what makes a great underwear that can be worn everyday and works perfectly under your favorite dresses? The answer now is Henkaa’s SeemFree™ underwearfeaturing laser cut seam sealed edges, aesthetically shaped for comfort and coverage, luxuriously soft shapewear fabric and no-sew heat sealed labeling. SeemFree is specially designed to create a comfortable and barely there underwear look and feel that will become your new go-to behind the seams!

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Sylvia Wong
Sylvia Wong

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