I’ve definitely learned my lesson when it comes to waiting for items to go on sale even though I may be in love with them. I had found an absolutely stunning vest on a trip to the mall one day and I fell in love with it as soon as I slipped it onto my shoulders. It was the perfect investment piece in the perfect colour, one that would go with nearly every item in my closet and last me a lifetime. *cue heart eyes*

“No,” I told myself, “I’ll wait a month and come back when it goes on sale.” I placed the vest neatly back on the rack in it’s proper place and walked out of the store, looking forward to the day that I would come back to claim my fabulous new find and call it my own.

Alas, when I came back a month later to pick up the vest, not only was it still not on sale, it was sold out – across the country! I was gutted.

When it comes to investment pieces, I now know that they are worth every single penny. It’s no wonder why they don’t even have a chance to go on sale as people swarm to get their hands on them. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that ladies have been quick to get their hands on this year’s hottest colour of the year according to Pantone – Serenity.

Find out what the hottest colours of the season are!

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This cool-toned, pastel blue is the perfect shade for spring and summer weddings, and also looks gorgeous against a backdrop of perfectly untouched snow during the winter season. Luckily for all you fashion-savvy brides and bridesmaids out there, all of our convertible dresses are available in both of Pantone’s colours of the year – Dusty Blue and Blush Pink. They’re the perfect investment pieces in the perfect colours! Peep them in our spring capsule at this link.

Not only are convertible dresses a great way to give your bridesmaids the freedom to style their dress according to their body types, our dresses can also be worn after the wedding to any occasion! Pair your dress with a Chiffon Overlay to add some flirty texture, or throw on your favorite spring jacket for a cute date night look.

We’ll let you in on this secret – our Dusty Blue Ivy Maxi Dress is an all-around crowd-pleaser because it’s truly the perfect option to take your from the wedding, to date night in a flash. The options are truly endless and they go as far as your creativity does. So get wrappin’!

The wait list for Dusty Blue is growing faster than expected. So make sure to get on the list before it’s too late!

Alright, enough with the talking. Check out these stunning Dusty Blue pictures to get in the know on what’s hot now!

Find out what the hottest colours of the season are!

Find out what the hottest colours of this season are!




Totally in love with Dusty Blue? So are we. Check out our full Spring Capsule at this link to shop Pantone’s colours of the year.

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