How to be a girl boss - on the Henkaa blog!

Beyonce said it best, who run the world? Girls! Here at Henkaa, we firmly believe that we rise when we empower others and we love seeing women challenge themselves to be a better person every day. As an introduction to our new series #Girlboss, we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to be a Girl Boss with tips that you can start implementing today to channel your inner Beyonce and unleash the fierceness inside! Here are 10 tips on how to be a Girl Boss:

1) Be fearless in the pursuit of your goals

A girlboss is courageous, assertive, and spunky. She can command a room with her presence and doesn’t let anyone or anything get in the way of achieving her dreams. If you haven’t landed your dream job just yet, hang in there. Appreciate the not-so-glamorous jobs and learn from them, you’ll appreciate your roles so much more later on down the road and be that much more thankful for the experience.

2) Have passion in everything you do

You can have an entrepreneurial spirit without being an entrepreneur. Just be passionate about what you do! A Girl Boss refuses to utter the words “that’s not my job” and is quicker to say “how can I help?” A Girl Boss sees the big picture and does everything in her power to paint that picture as beautifully as she can, no matter what.

3) Learn to control your finances

Money looks better in the bank than on your feet – amiright? Being in control of your finances will prevent you from relying on a job you don’t like or staying in a relationship you don’t need because you can’t afford to leave and go elsewhere. Taking control of your finances is so much bigger than just saving money or resisting the craving to splurge on that purse you saw at the mall. A Girl Boss shops only for the things she needs and invests the rest in a savings account or investment that will make her money over time.

4) Challenge yourself to be a better person than you were yesterday

Ever heard the saying “there is no competition?” Well, truthfully there isn’t. The only person you’re competing against is the person you were yesterday, so make the most of each day. A true Girl Boss doesn’t compare her achievements to other people because she understands that no two people are exactly the same, so it’s not a fair comparison.

5) Know yourself and your weaknesses

A Girl Boss knows her strengths as well as her weaknesses. If you suck at something and don’t want it anyway, cut your losses and drop it. Of course, we’re not saying that if your boss tells you to do something and you hate doing it that you shouldn’t do it – you definitely should! Just make sure that you are working towards an end result that you’ve set for yourself. Focus on honing what you’re good at and what you love. Building on your weaknesses is always important, just make sure that it’s worth your time.

6) Be kind and help others

Sure, taking on tough projects and more responsibilities may impress your boss, but don’t forget to play nice with your fellow team members. A Girl Boss is kind to everyone around her and has the ability to collaborate with all kinds of different personalities. Helping others not only benefits your entire team, the good word will spread and eventually get back to your boss – which benefits you!

7) Be proud, but never satisfied

A lot of us get so wrapped up in the things we want in the future that we completely forget about the wonderful things that we have right now in this moment. Recognize your hard work and give yourself a pat on the back where you deserve it. You go girl! Just remember to keep pushing for the next step once you finish celebrating your achievements.

8) Don’t be afraid to take risks

Don’t wait for an opportunity, make one. A Girl Boss doesn’t wait around for things to happen, she gets off her butt and gets sh*t done! She takes a leap of faith knowing that no matter the outcome, she knows she can handle it. Believe in yourself, and the rest will follow.

9) Ask for what you want

Aren’t getting what you want? Ever thought about asking for it? Yep, it’s that easy, just ask for it! A Girl Boss doesn’t expect people to be able to read her mind. She asks for it and makes her goals and dream apparent so that those around her know exactly what she wants and how she’s going to get it. Don’t be afraid to flat out ask for the things you want, you’d be surprised as to what might happen next.

10) Dress well

Your clothes are the armor you wear every day, so it rings true that when you look good, you feel good. There’s nothing shallow about making yourself feel good! Invest in quality pieces that will last you and that will look good with several different pieces in your wardrobe (psst – the Ivy dress is our fav).

There are our 10 insider tips on how to be a girl boss! Which one are you going to implement today? Tell us in the comments!