ten ways to wear an infinity scarf

This blog was originally written by Sylvia Wong.

Infinity scarves aren’t just so-called because they are one big loop, there’s also an infinite number of ways they can be worn! Today we’ll share 10 of our favourite ways with you, so follow along!

1, 2, & 3 – As a Scarf

Henkaa Magenta Purple Sydney Infinity Scarf shown in 3 different ways on mannequin.Left style: Double Loop, Center style: Single Loop, Right style: Classic Loop

The Sydney Convertible Infinity Scarf can be worn just as its name implies! It’s the perfect accessory to add some color and warmth to your wardrobe. From left to right, wear around your neck doubled, draped around just once, or pulled through the loop for a cozy fit under a coat! The scarf shown above is in the Magenta Purple color.


Henkaa Sydney Infinity Scarf in Smokey Grey and Berry on women with blonde hair.
Left style: Double Loop, Center style: Single Loop, Right style: Classic Loop

For a more neutral look get your Sydney Infinity Scarf in Smokey Grey. For a brighter look try our Berry color


4 & 5 – Twisted

Magenta Purple Henkaa Sydney Infinity Scarf worn as a braided scarf and dress accessory on mannequin.

Left style: Twist, Right style: Halter

On the left, with a bit of twisting, you can easily change the look of your doubled scarf to look like a braided scarf! On the right, we put the scarf on just under the arms and then twisted and pulled the loop over the neck. This look is great for dressing up a plain outfit or wearing as a coverup over a small dress or at the beach when you’re away on holidays!


Women with blonde hair wears Henkaa Sydney Infinity Scarf in Smokey Grey color as braided scarf and top.

Left style: Twist, Right style: Halter

One Scarf, two completely different looks! Which one do you prefer?


6, 7, & 8 – As a Shawl

Henkaa Magenta Purple Sydney Infinity Scarf modeled on Mannequin in 3 different shawl styles

Our Sydney Convertible Infinity Scarf is made extra wide so that it doesn’t only function as a scarf– it can easily be worn as a shawl as well!

To get the look on the left, simply put your arms through the scarf so that all the extra fabric is draped on your back! This style keeps your arms warm and is the perfect accessory to go with your convertible dress for that little extra bit of coverage. For the look in the center, just put the scarf around your neck and pull the extra wide fabric over your shoulders. And lastly, to achieve the cocoon cardigan look on the right, just add a belt or a convertible sash!

Model wears Smokey Grey Henkaa Sydney Infinity Scarf in shawl and vest style.

Bonus look! Take the shawl from winter to spring by bunching the fabric on your shoulders to create a vest.


9 & 10 – As a Hood

Model wears Plum Purple Henkaa Sydney Infinity Scarf as hood.

Bethany is wearing the Plum Purple Sydney Convertible Infinity Scarf as a hood. On the left, the scarf is worn around the head just once. On the right, the scarf is placed around the neck and then twisted once and looped around the head like a hood. This look is perfect for pairing with a jacket to keep your ears warm!


Want to see the Infinity Scarf in Action?


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