Spring time calls for warm weather, fresh flowers, and pretty pastels. Can I just say that spring is my favourite time of year? With all the beautiful blooms and the smell of fresh flowers in the air, it's hard not to fall in love with it.

With the holidays coming up, we wanted to make sure that you have a healthy arsenal of outfits for Easter, so we decided to share our ideas for your convertible dress this weekend. From casual lunch dates to formal dinner parties, there's a perfect look that you can achieve with your Henkaa.

We've put together a list of 5 stylish Easter outfits for the upcoming weekend. No need to go out and look for a whole new outfit for each event, let your creativity shine through using convertible fashion.

Keep scrolling for the perfect Easter weekend outfits using convertible fashion.

Brunch with the Girls

Woman wearing Henkaa's convertible dress - cute outfit for the Easter holiday weekend.

Tie your Blush Pink Sakura Midi Dress into the Lisa style and pair it with a chic bag and cute block heels.You'll be cute and cozy in this cute outfit for Easter while you rock the runway - ahem - sidewalk on your way to meet the girls.



Going to Church

The Viola convertible dress styled with a scarf to cover your shoulders is the perfect Easter outfit!

Style your Viola Convertible Midi Dress with a Pure Ivory Lace Scarf for a more modest Easter outfit.The scarf provides you with chic coverage while the ruching at the front of the Viola will give you the perfect pop of fashionable flair.



An Outfit for Easter Family Dinner

Family dinner outfit for the Easter holiday weekend using convertible fashion - woman wearing Henkaa's infinity dress

Accessories are always the answer. Tie your Peach Pink Coral Sakura Maxi in the Violet style and clip a Teardrop Brooch up near your shoulder to add a little bit of glam to this Easter outfit. That way you're dressed up for dinner but still maintain an understated cool chic.



Picking Up Easter Blooms

Fashionable Easter outfit ideas - woman wearing Henkaa's overlay dress

Why not wear some florals when shopping for florals? Tie your Sakura Midi Dress in the Lola style and slip a Floral Hana Maxi Overlay over top to give your look a breezy refresh. The overlay is the perfect way to add a bit of dimension to your outfit for Easter while allowing you to stay comfortable.



Easter Egg Hunt

Fashionable outfits for your Easter holiday weekend - woman wearing Henkaa's convertible dress with a blazer

It might get chilly while you're out hunting for eggs with your nieces and nephews. Layer your favourite cozy sweater over your Dove Grey Sakura Maxi Dress and use the straps to create a super chic French-inspired scarf that not only looks cute, but will also keep you warm throughout the activities.



Which Easter outfit will you choose? We'd love to hear some of your ideas and some of your favourite holiday styling tips with your Henkaa dresses. Make sure to tag your photos on Instagram with #henkaa for your chance to be featured on our feed!
This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.

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