We knew the moment we saw Pippa Middleton in this dress that we needed to Steal Her Style! On her first public outing with her just-announced Fiance, they headed out to a charity event dress to the nines. Her color blocked halter dress was flattering, simple and effortlessly chic. Follow along below to find out how to get the look with a Signature Sakura Convertible Dress:

Steal Pippa Middleton's Style with a Sakura Convertible Dress - her color blocked halter dress is a perfect effortlessly chic look for any party!

What you’ll need: A Night Black Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress and a Burnt Orange Hana Maxi Chiffon Overlay.

1. Start with your Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress worn forwards and layer the Hana Maxi Chiffon Overlay over the skirt portion.
2. Cross the straps across your chest and put the straps over your shoulders. The Signature Sakura Convertible Dress is  designed with the right strap overlapping the left slightly, so be sure to cross the right strap on top.
3. Cross the straps at the back as well.
4. Guide the straps around your waist and wrap the fabric to cover the elastic waist band of the Hana Maxi Chiffon Overlay.
5. Tie the straps at the back with a double knot, make adjustments with the straps, and you’re done!

As an additional detail, add a thin black belt and clip a long brooch or barrette onto the front of the halter.

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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.