Recreate Naomie Harris’ 2017 Oscar red carpet dress using convertible fashion

Naomie Harris had so many reasons to shine at the 89th Annual Oscar Awards ceremony. Not only was the actress nominated for Best Actress for a Supporting Role, her co-star Mahershala Ali won an Oscar for Actor in a Supporting Role.

Despite being a low-budget movie that was shot in just 3 days, Moonlight stole the show at the Oscars. It racked up 8 nominations, winning 3 of them inluding Mahershala’s award, Writing (Adapted Screenplay), and Best Picture!

Naomie’s dress was definitely a show-stopper, growing ever more similar to her feature film’s success as the night progressed. She dawned a sexy Calvin Klein by Appointment dress which featured white sequins all over the bodice, a faux bustier, a cute cutout detail, and a glamorous cape to polish off the look. It was the perfect ensemble to show off Naomie’s toned physique in an appropriate “Oscar-friendly” outfit!

After the awards ceremony, Naomie changed into a stunning Grecian one-shoulder dress for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party which featured romantic pleating and a clever cinch at the waist to define her beautiful figure. Fun fact! You can recreate Naomie’s second outfit using the same items we’ll be using to create her red carpet dress! Who will be the first to try and tackle the look?

Find out how we replicated Naomie's 2017 Oscar awards red carpet dress using convertible fashion!

It almost seems like Naomie chose both of her outfits specifically for us convertible fashion lovers! We love a good challenge.

Naomie’s 2017 Oscar red carpet dress was so gorgeous that we decided to recreate the look using our convertible pieces. Keep scrolling to find out how to steal her style!

Find out how we replicated Naomie's 2017 Oscar awards red carpet dress using convertible fashion!

What You’ll Need:
Pure Ivory Sakura Midi Dress
Pure Ivory Hana Chiffon Maxi Overlay

1) Start by putting your Sakura Dress on backwards with the straps in the back
2) Bring the straps to the front and make sure to pull them tight for this step! To create the sweetheart neckline, take your left strap with your right hand and guide it OVER the left side of your bust and UNDER the right side of your bust. Repeat for the opposite side. Bring the straps to the back, cross them to bring them back to the front, and repeat this step.
3) Bring the straps to the back and tie the straps in a knot to secure your wrap job
4-5) Grab your Hana Chiffon Overlay and weave it over and under your straps in the back to replicate Naomie’s cape
6) You’re ready to hit the red carpet!

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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.