This blog post was originally written by Madeleine Villa.

American actress Meghan Markle just had her Princess Diaries moment after marrying Prince Harry and becoming the Dutchess of Sussex. Since becoming a royal Markle has become a fashion icon. 

We can't get enough of Meghan Markle's timeless looks and her Stella McCartney reception dress is no different; a classic piece to be replicated for decades!

Find out how you can steal her style by using a Pure Ivory Sakura Maxi Henkaa convertible dress!

What You will need: Pure Ivory Sakura Maxi

1) Put on the Sakura, Place the straps over your shoulders so the straps are in the back

2) Pull the opposite strap around your neck creating a halter neckline

3) Cross the straps in the front to close the neckline, bring the straps down to your waist

4) Wrap the straps behind your back.

5) Bring the straps back to the front and wrap them once more to your back.

6) Double knot the straps at the back

7) Widen the waist straps

8) Pinch and pull the top layer over the chest to widen it. Put it under the waist band

This style features a open back and high neckline, a classy way to show some skin on your big day.