This blog post was originally written by Madeleine Villa.

Choosing a colour palette for your wedding can be a difficult choice to make when planning for one of the most important days in your life. How do you choose colours that will live decades on through photographs?

It is easy to pick a colour that is trendy and fun, but these colours can become dated very quickly. Meet well-loved and classic wedding colour burgundy wine.

A Flattering Classic

Image taken by @samanthaongphoto

Burgundy has been a wedding favourite for decades, and for good reason! It is romantic, elegant and oh so sophisticated.

Not to mention how flattering it is on all body types and skin tones!

Sophisticated and Romantic

Burgundy paired with other formal decor screams black-tie-affair. 

Not only is burgundy sophisticated, as a close friend of red, burgundy is incredibly romantic.

A Fall/Winter Must!

Image taken by @samanthaongphoto

Another dramatic jewel tone, burgundy wine bridesmaid dresses look beautiful next to a the changing fall foliage and a crisp white wedding dress.

And don’t forget how timeless a burgundy winter wedding is!

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