Find out how to recreate Mandy Moore’s 2017 Golden Globes outfit using convertible fashion!

Can we just start by saying that Mandy Moore looks SO good?! She showed up at the 2017 Golden Globe Red Carpet looking fabulous and rocking a dewy glow! This was the 32-year-old actress’ first time attending the ceremony in 6 years and she definitely made a GRAND entrance. Moore was a Golden Globe nominee for Best Performing Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in the new drama series ‘This is Us.’ We can’t wait to binge through the entire season!

Moore’s stunning dress was designed by Naeem Khan and featured a plunging neckline and a gorgeous chiffon cape. The sheer material of the dress left little to the imagination and we were so happy to see Mandy flaunt her sexy side. When asked if she has ever met the designer Naeem Khan, she responded that she hasn’t but looked into the camera and proudly said “Hi Naeem, your dress is beautiful!”

Oh Mandy, we ♥ you.


You know we’ll always love you!


The long skirt of the dress balanced out the risqué and cleavage baring top, making it the perfect ensemble for the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. As soon as we saw her look, we knew we had to try and recreate Mandy’s dress using our convertible products. Check out how we did it below!

Find out how we recreated Mandy Moores stunning outfit at the 2017 Golden Globes using our convertible clothing!

What you’ll need:
Night Black Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress
Night Black Hana Chiffon Maxi Overlay
Night Black Chiffon Scarf

1) Start by putting on your Sakura Maxi Dress and then putting on your Hana Overlay
2) Drape the straps over your shoulders and cross them in the back bringing them to the front
3) Cross the straps in the front and twist them to create a braided effect
4) Bring the straps to the back and secure your wrap job with a double knot
5) Grab your Chiffon Scarf and drape it over your shoulders, tucking it into your shoulder straps to secure it in place
6) Work it girl! You’re red carpet ready!

What do you think of our version of Mandy Moore’s red carpet outfit? Tell us in the comments!

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.