Katy Perry is a fashion risk taker and is always keeping us on our toes. Her looks can range anywhere from classic red carpet look to Halloween costume, and we love it! At the premiere of her movie, she walked the pink carpet in red, and looked amazing. We love the elegance of her full red dress and the flattering sweetheart style, so we tried it out with a signature Sakura Convertible Dress. Check it out below:

Katy Perry Red Dress

Katy Perry Red Dress
What you’ll need:
– A Ruby Red Sakura Mini Convertible Dress  (also works with a Midi dress)
– A petticoat or puffy skirt in black

1. Start with your Sakura Mini Convertible Dress on with the straps over your shoulders
2. Slip a puffy skirt or petticoat on underneath the skirt of the Sakura Dress
3. Bring the straps off your shoulders and wrap them around your bust. If you’re wearing a strapless bra, follow the top of it with the straps like a guide.
4. Wrap the straps to the back and  back around to the front
5. Bring the straps around the back of the waist again and tie in a double knot
6. You’re done and ready to stun!

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