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by Paulina Gugala

Follow our simple guide on how to clean out your closet in an hour on the Henkaa blog!

Who’s excited for spring cleaning?! Oddly enough, I personally love this time of year.

De-cluttering your closet is one of the best feelings ever and leaves you with the bare bones of what you love most about your wardrobe. With spring coming up soon, kick off the upcoming season with a solid closet clean out to make room for investment pieces that you truly love. Your closet is not a place to store unnecessary clutter, yet we’re all guilty of having tons of it. So here is your chance to change that.

Keep scrolling to read our super simple guide on how to clean out your closet in an hour. Ready, set, go!

Step 1: Get 4 boxes

First off, you’ll need the proper equipment to get your closet in shape for the summer. Set up 4 big boxes and label them “keep,” “maybe,” “donate,” and “garbage.” I also like to keep a few hangers close by in case I want to hang some items I find in my closet.

KEEP: These are your must-have items that you just can’t live without. You wear them on a weekly (or maybe daily) basis and love them with all your heart. These are your staple items, hang on to them.

MAYBE: Keep this pile as small as possible. These are the clothes that you think might have a life in the future for a special occasion, or when you lose that extra 5 pounds you’ve been hoping to get rid of. To fight this, live in the present. Can you wear it right now? Do you feel comfortable wearing it? If you answered no to one or both of these questions, get rid of it. If you truly can’t decide, put it in the “maybe” pile. However, I can’t stress this point enough – keep the “maybe” pile small! You’ll thank yourself later when you have to sort through the pile and make a final decision. We’ll revisit the “maybe” pile in step 3.

DONATE: These are the clothes that no longer fit properly or rarely get worn. This pile should consist of the clothes that have been sitting in your closet for the past 6+ months without ever being touched. Make sure that they are clean and still in decent condition.

GARBAGE: The garbage pile is for clothes that no longer belong in your closet and aren’t fit to be donated. Holes, tears, sweat stains and any other stubborn stains are all signs to toss an item into the trash.

Step 2: Start sorting

Be ruthless and move quickly, you only have an hour! Start by taking ALL of your clothes out of your closet, your dressers, and anywhere else you keep them, and dumping them into one massive pile. It sounds intimidating, but it’s the most effective way at tackling the monster in your closet – head on! Move as quickly as possible and don’t overthink it. If you love it, keep it. If you don’t wear it, get rid of it.

While sorting through your clothes, ask yourself these questions:

     Have I worn this item in the past 12 months?
     Do I feel comfortable when I wear this?
     If I went shopping right now, would I buy this?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, get rid of it. The only items that should stay are the ones that you want to wear now. If you paid a hefty price tag for an item but never ended up wearing it, try selling it on Ebay. You won’t get the full price you paid for it, but at least you can try and make a bit of cash while cleaning out your closet. Double win!

Step 3: Put everything in it’s right place

Organize all the items you’re keeping and hang them neatly in your closet. Donate the donation box, and toss the garbage pile. Remember that “maybe” pile you made? Keep it for 6 months. Any clothes that you pull out of the box within those 6 months can stay, get rid of anything else.

Step 4: Bask in your uncluttered glory

Take a step back and appreciate all your hard work. Living an uncluttered life makes room for living with intention and meaning. Invest in memorable experiences, rather than material things. When shopping, purchase quality pieces that will last you a good few years and pair well with multiple items in your wardrobe. Investment pieces are always in fashion!

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Don’t put it off any longer, use our guide on how to clean out your closet in an hour to kick start your spring cleaning routine this season. Good luck!


Paulina Gugala
Paulina Gugala

Digital Marketer by day, professional Netflix surfer by night, you can find Paulina either scouring the web for the latest news and trends, or sharing cute photos of her 15-year old pup with all of her coworkers.

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