seven ways to wear a pocket square

We’re onto the second half of the 12 days of Christmas already and it’s about time to show you something for the man in your life. The Henkaa Collection now carries tie and pocket square sets that match your Sakura Convertible Dresses perfectly! No more running around town trying to find your partner’s perfect colour match for that formal party or your wedding party!

The Clean Edge and The Staircase

The clean edge is self explanatory– simply fold your pocket square into a clean square so that only a straight line peeks out from the pocket. This is my favourite, classy and clean look. The staircase is a beautiful triple triangle look that does require a bit more work to achieve. Check out this tutorial  to see the easy steps!

The Single Point, The Double Point and the Triple Point

Triangular folds are the most commonly seen style of folding pocket squares. With a little bit of extra folding, you can rock more than one point! Try out one, two or three!

The Pouf and the Reverse Pouf

The easiest of them all, the Pouf only requires you to grasp your square from the center point and then stuff all the edges inside the pocket. The reverse pouf is the same but allows the rolled edges of the square to be exposed!

The Henkaa Collection tie and pocket square sets now come in over 20 colors to match your Sakura Convertible Dresses! Our model is wearing the Night Black Tie with the Pure Ivory Pocket Square; each set is sold in matching colours.

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.

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