Janelle and Ryan's once upon a time is not your typical love story.

Here's to a love that you find in a place where you least expect it, and still leads you to a happily ever after. 

Tell us about your wedding theme and what you loved most about your special day. Were there any unique elements that you incorporated?

Our wedding theme was "Around the World". I am an avid traveller and I totally miss travelling, so it was a fun theme to do as I felt like I was doing something that I am passionate about.
But what I truly loved the most about our special day was marrying my best friend.

One of the unique elements in our wedding was including our Filipino money dance. Also during our reception, each of the guests sat down not by table numbers, but by country names such as France, Japan etc. We also gave globes and mini luggages as giveaways. 

How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

We have known each other for about 8 years. We met at a club in Toronto. 
It all started when we were both in our 'clubbing days'. We were both attending each friend's birthday party in Downtown Toronto, which was located in the same club 'Gravity'. During that night, we were pushed into each other on the dance floor and from that moment, we started talking. It seemed like nothing serious at first because who would have thought that we would find love in a club? However, seven years later, we continued to build our life together. From all the ups and downs, we weather together, we are still in awe of finding each other in a club. We found love in a hopeless place (Cue in Rhianna's "We Found Love") LOL. We are so happy to have found our home and adventure, all at once.
What was your favourite part of your day?

My favourite part was walking down the aisle with Ryan after being announced as husband and wife. 

Do you have any pandemic wedding planning tips for couples?

1. My first tip for engaged couples is to plan ahead and to always have a plan B and plan C etc. Always be flexible about your planning, if you cannot get what you want such as a vendor, think if this really impacts you from marrying your partner.

2. The most important things in your wedding are the ones you will always remember and never forget. 

3. Team work. Ask your friends and family for things that you may need help with such as making giveaways or decor...

4. Take time to relax and do other things that do not involve wedding planning so that you don't get stressed.  

Why did you choose Henkaa for your wedding?

I chose Henkaa as it is versatile and my bridesmaids all have different body types. The dusty blue colour has also been in my vision for so long. Each of the girls really loved the dress and found them comfortable.

Who were your wedding vendors? We'd love to share with our Henkaanista community!

Photo\Videographer: White Lotus Wedding Studio
Florist and Day Coordinator: Blooming Flower Design
Make-up\Hair: Toronto Beauty Group
Bridesmaids' Dresses: Henkaa
Groomsmen's Suits: Andrews Formals
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