This blog post was originally written by Madeleine Villa.

Henkaa dresses truly come alive in the summertime, there are endless ways to wear them and tons of events to show off your creative styles. Don't pack up your Henkaa convertible dresses just yet though, let us help you transition your pieces from summer to fall to get the most out of your convertible garments! 


The Sakura 

Maybe you wore your Sakura as a bridesmaid for your best friends wedding, or out on a patio sharing a beer with the mister. Sure, the Sakura is a perfect dress for that dressier summer event but transitioning the Sakura Midi dress for chillier weather couldn't be easier.
Wrap your Sakura in a more covered style and layer on your trusted leather jacket. To keep your bare legs from freezing, pair the look with a knee-length heeled boot. 
A fall day can start crisp and end crispy so play with layers that you can easily remove or throw on if need be! 


The Ivy

A staff favourite! The Ivy is most definitely one of our most beloved summer dresses with its delicate straps and casual look, but don't let this fool you. The Ivy is also great for fall! 

Fall is all about layering. Throwing on a long sleeve top under your ivy immediately gives you a 'cool girl look' and added warmth. a pair of sneakers tones down the formality of the maxi length dress and is a comfy alternative to heels.
We can see this combination as the perfect 'running errands on a Saturday morning' look!



The Calla

For the summer the Calla is the perfect 'night out with the girls dress'. It's sexy and sophisticated and can go from day to night in a pinch! Because the Calla has sleeves it's quite perfect for fall weather.

Wearing the Calla as a cowl neck top is one of our favourite styles here at Henkaa Head Office. Finishing the look is as simple as throwing on your perfect black high waisted jeans and a cute pair of booties.
For added sophistication at the office, add a blazer to complete the look!



 The Blume

As the name would imply the Blume convertible dress is named after the gorgeous flowers blooming in spring! Make this dress work for you in fall by wrapping it in its skirt and shirt styles. 

The Blume can easily be made into a flowy top and looks amazing with a pair of leggings. Throw on a pair of flats and you are ready to go.

This comfy fall look is best paired with your PSL and a blanket scarf for added warmth!


How are you going to transition your Henkaa Convertible Dress for fall? Share it with us on Instagram and tag @henkaa!