Hey there gal pals! Welcome to the second installment of our four-part mini-series featuring Stephanie Daga from the Blush Pretty team. As we mentioned before, Stephanie is our go-to makeup guru and we are totally excited for her to share her wealth of knowledge here on the Henkaa blog. Today’s installment will be a quick guide on how to choose the right makeup artist for your wedding day. Enjoy!


How to choose the right makeup artist for your wedding day!

Wedding planning is tough. We know! With so many things to do, so many people to meet, and so many decisions to make, it doesn’t seem to make it any easier when the options available are endless. Sifting through and making the right choices on any vendors you choose shouldn’t be rushed or taken lightly; but there are ways to narrow down the search, especially when it comes to beauty. If you are currently at a crossroads on what direction you want to go with your makeup and hair artists, here are our three tips on choosing your dream beauty team.

Tip #1: My place, or yours?


First, decide where you want to get ready for your wedding day. Do you have the time to head to your hairdresser and beauty salon? Or would you rather have a quiet morning with your bridal party at home or a hotel? Do you want the convenience of someone coming to you? Or would you rather show up at the salon where they already have everything set up? Do you trust no one but your current hairstylist to complete your look? Is she allowed to work out of the salon? Once you come to a decision, you can determine whether or not you should be meeting with mobile makeup and hair teams or simply scheduling a consult with your beauty salon.

Tip #2: Make time for a consultation


It’s always a good bet to schedule in a consultation with your prospective beauty team. Most artists will provide one, and it usually only takes about 30 minutes or so (and hopefully it will be complimentary). The consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss your wedding day style and ideas, to determine the artists skill level and skill set, and to make sure all the details (like date, locations, timing) are noted. In addition, it’s about making sure you feel comfortable and at ease with the artist. Your big day is important and you need to have the right energy around you. While you are looking to hire someone for their skill set and service, personality matters too. Request a consultation before your trial run.

Tip #3: Peruse portfolios and read reviews


Reviews are a great source to see if a prospective makeup and hair team is in your league. Make a list of 5 things you are concerned about when it comes to hiring a beauty team (for example: cost, punctuality, responsiveness to emails, products used, longevity of makeup, etc.). If the majority of the reviews you are reading shed positivity on your concerns, it’s probably a good fit! From there, head over to the artist’s website and review the provided portfolios or galleries. If you can locate a good amount of images of styles and looks you love and were thinking of doing, that’s another check mark in the box (boo-yah!). And don’t forget referrals! Look to people you know, as well as other vendors that can give you recommendations based on their experience.

Again, these are just tips to narrowing down and simplifying your search. When it comes to finalizing your beauty team, your end decision will be the result of your trial run and how it looks and feels. If you love the way you look in the mirror, then you’ve made the right choice!

Make sure to tune in next Thursday for the next installment of our mini-series with Stephanie! In the mean time, check out BlushPretty.com for tons of fun makeup tips and tricks.

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.