Need ideas to refresh your look? Accessories are the answer! Use these accessories to glam up your Henkaa convertible dresses, then have fun mixing and matching these timeless pieces with your wardrobe.  

Brooches & Jewellery

Pins, brooches, and necklaces add a hint of something special. By adding a brooch or pin to your dress you'll even get a little extra support for keeping your style in place.


Sakura Convertible Dresses with accessories by Henkaa


Adding a little sparkle can change your entire look. Watch this video and get inspired by how a simple halter style transforms after adding two elegant brooches.


Brooches can be added to your waistline, or on the straps, in singles or doubles.

PRO TIP: When using a brooch with your Henkaa dress, remember that the pin goes around the fabric - never pierce the fabric.  

Henkaa Iris Convertible Dress the convertible dress with sleeves perfect for bridesmaids, winter weddings, choirs, and mother of the bride and groom.

Ryanne Hollies Photography



Peach Pink Convertible Dress One Shoulder Style with Brooch by Henkaa


You can even add brooches to your hair for unexpected points of interest!


Brooch in Hair Henkaa 

Necklaces are also a part of the Henkaa accessories collection and can be worn together or separate from our dress collection. One of our favourites is the Gloria Style which uses our Coil Necklace and the Sakura Convertible Dress.

Close up of necklace with Henkaa dress


Henkaa Sakura Convertible Dress in Hunter Green styled with a Henkaa Gold Coil Necklace. 

Wear our Coil Necklace with a white button down for a sophisticated, professional look.

Coil necklace with work attire Henkaa


Love these ideas? You'll love this video!


Hana Chiffon Skirt Overlays

When looking to add some colour or flowy texture to your Henkaa dress, try a Hana Skirt Overlay

Create an ephemeral, romantic feel when you add an overlay in the same or similar shade like this...

Chrisina & Ivan's Wedding - Nicole Kirk Photography


Want to create a sweet look for your maternity photoshoot? Add a Hana skirt overlay to feel extra special for this milestone moment.

Dusty Blue Sakura with Chiffon Henkaa


Add more colour to your outfit with a contrasting shade for a bold colour block style. Incorporate jewellery too and really change up your look!

Henkaa Sakura Maxi in Navy Blue paired with Henkaa Brooches and Hana Chiffon Skirt Overlay in Silver Grey.


A great style hack to make your knee-length more formal is to add a maxi Hana skirt like this customer who is wearing an Iris Midi Dress with an overlay.

Iris with Chiffon Overlay Henkaa


PRO TIP: Pack your Henkaa overlay skirt in midi or maxi on your next beach day or in your suitcase for your winter getaway or cruise so you can wear it as a beach cover-up!



Convertible Sashes

Henkaa Convertible Sashes perfect for customizing your Henkaa Sakura Convertible Dress

Our convertible sash is perfect for adding colour contrast and even more styling options. Add a little extra definition by tying these around your waist like a belt, or to cover the waistband of an overlay. Wear it as a scarf, or incorporate it into your neckline. 

Here's a sash incorporated into both the neckline and waist on the Sakura Maxi Convertible dress.

Sakura Pure Ivory Convertible Dress Black Sash Henkaa


Use the sash to cinch your waist on the Calla Tunic Dress - and make this great day to night look by adding a blazer for the office and taking it off for dinner afterwards.


Calla Royal Blue with Sash Henkaa


The sash on the Iris Multiway Dress also great for a date night look.


Use a sash with your Ivy Midi Dress along with a leather jacket for a casual and fun style.



Use sashes to add an accent colour for your group or use it as a scarf in your everyday wardrobe!

Greystone Singers Emerald Sash Henkaa
Greystone Singers

Get creative incorporating your sashes by braiding or weaving them into your dress straps. The sky's the limit!


Oriana Women's Choir


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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik with updates by Sonia Dong.