Let’s talk about the exhausting task of choosing what to wear. Weddings, parties, birthdays..the stress, and fuss of choosing something that works is something we could all live without. But, what we wear can takes us places, it transforms our experiences and makes us feel comfortable in our own skin.

When we started this journey, we wanted to create an experience that you could customize for whatever occasion, and wear over and over again. It started with a simple idea, one dress, and  a big dream to touch many women’s lives and bring them together to do something beautiful.

So, here are a few ways to go about making your decision a little more special:


What’s the Occasion?

Shopping for a group of beautiful bridesmaids, or are you looking to wear something formal for an anniversary? Choosing a fabric that flows with your body is super important. It starts with knowing your shape, the way that a material drapes, and choosing something that is low maintenance but still formal enough to wear to that special occasion. Our Lenaa™ Signature Fabric is easy to wear (phew) and will make you feel all kinds of gorgeous.

Pick Your Shade

Choices, choices! With over 25 shades to pick from, it might take a second or two of pondering your favourite. Have a theme for your event? Whether it’s a wedding colour scheme or a seasonal dress, you’ll be able to showcase your best self. Order a swatch from our website, and once you receive it, you can match it to your skin tone to see which dress you’ll wear best.

Pick The Size For You

Making sure you feel confident in your dress is important to us, and so we’ve created sizing to suit women of all shapes and sizes. The best part? These dresses change with you. They are size-change-friendly, and can grow with you even through pregnancy. Make sure to check out our size chart to find your perfect size for all our dresses!

Style Something Special

With six dresses to choose from, it can get a tad overwhelming to narrow down which style fits you best. We’ve got a style quiz to help you navigate our dresses, and help you find the perfect one. You can also watch one of our detailed tutorials, browse our blog, or come say hello at our North York location (it’s pretty photogenic, we promise)!

Embrace Change, Henkaanistas 💖

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.