Who has time to get ready for the holiday work party after a long day at the office? Quickly switch your Henkaa Calla Tunic Dress from a business blouse to an elegant dress – add some sparkle and you’re ready to mingle!

Henkaa Calla Tunic Top Evening Dress


Watch this video to see how you can wear the Calla 3 different ways.

Look 1:

Wear the Calla as a dress with a contrasting convertible sash for a belt for a holiday dinner with friends.

Look 2:

Gather up the hem of the Calla into a top and wear it with a blazer and pants or leggings for a casual work look.

Look 3:

Place a Hana Maxi Chiffon Skirt over the Calla with a brooch for a more formal evening out.

After the holidays, add the Calla into your regular rotation as part of your capsule wardrobe or in your carry-on for a quick and easy change on the road. Mix it up with other basics from your closet for infinite styling possibilities.


Want to learn how to style the Calla? Watch our video tutorials for step-by-step instructions:


This blog was originally created by Sylvia Wong with updates by Sonia Dong.