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How it Works

A simple formula to create your own style of beautiful

1. Choose

take henkaa on your journey so we can change with you

2. Style

unleash your creativity

3. Customize

express yourself and make it your own

4. Experience

try us on, be amazed, share a laugh and fall in love

5. Share

change fashion; change style; change lives.


Henkaa is more than just beautiful products, it's a lifestyle.

Buying something you can only wear once or can only be worn one way is a way of the past.

Choose to sustainably do more with less. Choose timeless design that never goes out of style. Choose quality fabrics and support North American manufacturers & Stylepreneurs. Choose fashion that changes with you and will always fit just right.

Choose Henkaa...

for every occasion

for every size

for every adventure

for every day


Everything Changes

That’s our secret sauce. That’s the magic, the coolness, the beauty behind ConvertiStyle™ - it’s more than meets the eye.

See for yourself...

    Each one of our convertible dresses is an infinite number of dresses in one; a canvas that allows you to twist, wrap, tie and create styles that you love.

    It’s revolutionary, it’s sustainable and it’s democratizing fashion.



    Fashion is just what you wear.

    Style is how you wear it and who you are when you do.

    Don’t underestimate the power of staple closet basics, jewelry, complimentary accessories and the right undergarments - they’re the subtle sidekicks that are vital to mix, match and maximize your wardrobe. Just add your killer smile and the world is yours for the taking.

    See for yourself...

    Make it your own

    Adorn yourself with the little details that make all the difference.

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    Intimates & Essentials


    This is the start of something



    Wedding was country/retro themed, one bridesmaid was 7 months pregnant, and everyone was all different sizes. The girls LOVED being able to change the styles of their dresses to be more comfortable as the night went on. All the girls still wear their dresses too! would definitely buy again, and I recommend Henkaa to EVERYONE!"

    - Afton P.


    Henkaa's dresses are great for travelling because I found that at the beginning of the night, I would wear a halter style, and if it got chillier later on, I would simply re-wrap it. You can get completely different looks out of one dress.”

    - Natalie A.


    Once I slipped that beautiful dress on, I was completely sold. It was everything that every bridesmaid dress should be: comfortable, timeless, affordable and beautiful."

    - Andreia

    What will your Henkaa style and story be?

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