Sakura Fully Reversible Mid Length Wrap Dress - Clearance

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Colour: Tan / Marsala

Sakura Reversible Mid Length Wrap Dress - Description

The Sakura reversible mid length wrap dress is an amazingly versatile multiway dress that was created with double sided signature Lenaa™ fabric. When you have 3 dresses in 1, your options are truly limitless. Wear it as one colour, then another, or add some colour blocking fun by twisting the straps.

Looking for the perfect convertible bridesmaids dress to wear? The Sakura reversible mid length wrap dress will compliment any body shape and size, and make you feel glamorous!

Wear it with: Convertible Basics | Skirt Overlays | Jewelry | Intimates

*Clearance dresses are FINAL SALE.

How to Style The Sakura Reversible Mid Length Wrap Dress

Style this dress in over 100 ways! You'll be able to style this mid length wrap dress just like its one-colour sister the Sakura convertible wrap dress midi length plus all the added variations with the double-sided fabric. Learn how by visiting our Tutorials for step-by-step videos.


  • Suitable for all body types and life's changes >> no sizing alterations required
  • Double-sided, fully reversible signature Lenaa™ fabric: 92% polyester, 8% spandex with 4-way stretch >> luxuriously soft, breathable, and heavyweight
  • Machine washable and wrinkle resistant
  • Raw edge hem allows for simple hemming
  • Proudly made in Canada

Approximate Measurements:

skirt length: 23" 
strap width: 11" 
strap length: 80"

skirt length: 23" 
strap width: 11" 
strap length: 81"

skirt length: 24" 
strap width: 12" 
strap length: 82"

skirt length: 25" 
strap width: 12" 
strap length: 87"

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for dancing!

I wanted something flowy and with a subtle shine to wear to dance events. This dress looked amazing and felt just as airy and comfortable.

Amazing Dress

It’s double the options! For a dress that already has so many! Love this dress.
Note that it fits slightly smaller than the non-reversible Sakura dress. Still fits! Just the seaming is different to accommodate the reversibility.


Reversible Sakura Midi Convertible Dress - Clearance


If I could I think I would give a 2.5 star rating. I ordered this dress online with some trepidation but I was really hopeful. I had watched a lot of videos and looked at lots of pictures and I really like the look of the dress. I excitedly started trying it on as soon as I got the package in the mail. There is a lot that I do like about the dress really. The pros: I like the fabric and the colour (I got black and blue reversible), the fit is quite flattering, it's fairly easy to wrap even with my very limited experience.

There is one really big con that for me made me give it this lower rating. The dress really does not stay in place. I am larger chested and there is no way I can get the strapless style to stay up, even after trying to tuck material into my bra. None of the styles that I have tried with any kind of sleeve stayed in place either. The fabric acting as the sleeve rolls up and shifts as soon as I lift my arms up even a little bit. The edge of the fabric is unfinished so it rolls over almost immediately. As I was trying the dress out I realized I was a little foolish to not see these issues coming, but I hadn't really seen anything about it in the videos or other reviews I had read. It's possible with a healthy amount of body tape or some safety pins more of those other styles may be possible too, but I haven't tried that myself yet.

Overall, I didn't return the dress because I had gotten it on sale. I will probably wear it once and a while with some of the basic halter neck styles, and I do want to try the dress with body tape/pins. But overall this dress did not meet my hopes.

Hi Karen, Thank you so much for taking the time to review our Sakura Reversible Midi Dress! Our Sakura Reversible Midi does have many styles to choose from and we're glad to hear that you were able to try out many of them! Some styles do tend to lend themselves better to all day wear, depending on your comfort and body type. If you are concerned about maintaining coverage with your desired style in the Sakura, a Convertible Bandeau is a great option! Our Convertible Bandeaus are made from the same signature Lenaa fabric as our dresses and can be used to provide more coverage in the front of the dress while also covering your bra band should you choose to wear a strapless or full bra. As for the fabric moving or rolling in certain styles, we recommend using our Styling Tape to ensure that your selected Convertible Style is able to stay all day. You can use our Styling Tape for fabric-to-fabric or fabric-to-skin, allowing you to keep your style looking flawless. We'll be sure to follow up with you personally to provide more information! Thank you again for reviewing our Sakura Reversible Midi Dress. We appreciate every bit of feedback and are always taking strides to improve our experience and products for our customers. Warm regards, Kate

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